The soul community

Sanne Burger

3 September 2020

So, here we are
Protesting against Bill Gates, using his software
Protesting against 5G, using the same network providers that are rolling it out
Protesting against globalism, using the media platforms they gave us
Something is not quite right
We are using that which we protest against, to protest against it
It’s like going to MacDonald’s to protest against junk food
It’s like paying the pope to protest against child abuse

Yes, we awaken people on social media
We inform one another
But at the same time, we expose ourselves
We are feeding their algorithms
We are educating their AI

And besides that, we give in to the isolation they impose on us
We stay home and connect through their networks
We give and attend online yoga classes, webinars and courses
We are getting more and more friends and followers
We are adapting far too fast!

Do you realize how powerless we are, as soon as the internet shuts down?
As soon as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter shut down?
Do you know where to find your online friends, when it all shuts down?
I don’t

We need to organize in a different way, before it’s too late
Seek out those people that really mean something to you
People, you would like to get to know better
People, that make your heart sing
Trusted friends and new contacts
People, you feel you can be yourself with
People, you can imagine being isolated with
People, you trust enough to be willing to work with
People, you can imagine spending a lot of time in one place with
People, whom you know would grow a veggie garden and share their food
People, you know will protect you
People, you are willing to protect and fight for too

Keep it small
10, 20, not more
Connect with those people and exchange addresses
Where do you all live?
Print maps, so you can find each other
Agree on meeting points where you can find each other, if need be
Agree on a particular day and time, where you can find each other there
Don’t share it on the internet, but write it on a piece of paper
Keep the names, addresses and maps in a safe place
Even better is to memorize it, if you can

Start organizing real life meetings with this particular group
Get to know each other better
Bond, connect, commit, grow, love each other in real life
This will be your soul community
These soul communities can connect with other soul communities
Like this, we will create an independent, worldwide network of real people
Not relying on the internet, but relying on each other

Times may come, where people will have to leave their homes
When the internet, electricity, food or water is no longer available
Where people will have to flee, for some reason
Like this, you will always have a small network
A small group of people you can count on
Your soul community
And even if this will never happen
It’s good to be part of this

You have seen the demonstrations in Berlin, London and everywhere
Millions of people are awake
The awake people need to unite, outside of the internet
Outside of social media
Outside of cyberspace

Start today
Take conscious action
You know who you want to have in your group
Invite them
Do it now
Plan a meeting
You will not regret it
And you have got nothing to lose


Sanne Burger

Artwork: Pattypat Art


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