5D is not a trademark

Sanne Burger

15 August 2020

The other day I felt really hurt by a friend
I was upset and told her how disappointed I was
And she said:
Well, that’s not very 5D, is it?
Excuse me? I said
Well, you are being very 3D now, aren’t you? she said
You should know by now, being a lightworker and all that
That your disappointment has nothing to do with me
But everything with your 3D ego
Now, that’s not very spiritual, is it?
I thought you were more evolved

On another occasion I was discussing the current situation with a friend
We were talking about Qanon
I said:
I really want to know the truth about Qanon
I so wish there is an underground movement, led by Trump
That will make the Cabal fall
That will save the children
I wish I knew where to get more information
So I could understand it more
And she said:
Well, that’s not very 5D, is it?
To want to understand something, before you trust it
You should trust the process
And then understanding will follow by itself

Wait, what?
Since when is the desire to understand something
To know the truth about something
To know the facts about something
A 3D occasion?
Since when should I trust blindly
And not ask questions?
Are you kidding me?

A few months ago, David Prins, a Dutch lung doctor, came out with a video
In this video he shared his concern
In a very polite, respectful manner
About the measures that were taken against the so called Corona pandemic
He was talking about the non-science of it
The hazardous effects it could have on people’s health
He shared his worry about the censoring of medics all over the world
In effect, he was ridiculed by the media
Demonized by his own colleagues
And threatened by I don’t know who
A few days after the video came out, Prins announced that he was going into hiding
As he didn’t want to put his family at risk

I was talking about this with a friend
And she said:
Well, you know
That means he’s not a lightworker
He’s just not there yet
Some people are just cowards
Which means they are still lingering in 3D
He’s just not as far as we are
Otherwise he would never go into hiding

So, I’m asking you, people
What the fuck is this?
Since when is 5D just another way of shaming and blaming other people?
When has 5D become another way of putting people down?
That is not 5D!
That is stupid!

5D is not a trade mark
5D is not an elite club that you can join
It’s not a ‘fake it til you make it’ thing, either
You might think being in 5D means not having emotions anymore
You might think it’s only love and light in 5D
You might think everybody is always happy in 5D
And people always get what they want there
Because they can manifest whatever they want
And they never have problems anymore
Well, let me burst your bubble
You believe in the new age version of 5D

5D is about something completely different
In fact, in order to really understand it
You have to go back to the origins of mankind
To the beginning of time
Where humans found themselves on earth
Suffering of amnesia
Despite the enormous potential they had
Their consciousness had been hijacked
It had been severely damaged
There are many stories explaining the how and why of this
But for now, just understand that we are a species with amnesia
Using only a small portion of our potential

Every human being is on a journey of discovery here
In which he or she expands his consciousness
But this doesn’t only happen individually
It happens collectively too
This is what is happening now
We, as a species, go through a process of awakening
This is nothing new, really
But it’s very special, indeed
The expansion and contraction of consciousness goes in cycles
Here on earth and everywhere in the universe
These cycles go from very dark to very light
Again and again

The dark, you could call hell
Or the underworlds
There’s a lot of pain and suffering there
A lot of injustice, misunderstanding, confusion and psychosis
People don’t understand each other
People destroy each other
Nobody is happy
There is no harmony
There is only destruction
That’s darkness

The light, you could call heaven
It’s that place where everything is an expression of beauty and love
It’s that place that people get all excited about
It’s that place where we all yearn for
Where we all strive for

In between the very dark and the very light
In between heaven and hell
There are phases
These phases you could call dimensions
With different frequencies and characteristics
You have very low dimensions
You have very high dimensions
Low vibration
High vibration
And in an attempt to somehow organize this
People have given names to these different phases
They call is 1D, 2D, 3D, 12D, etcetera

So, 5D is a phase in the process of awakening
It’s a dimension that indeed is much nicer than 3D
Also viewed from the basic needs of us
Human beings with a physical body
But again, it’s not a trademark
And it’s not a tool to lecture one another, either
When you are angry, frustrated or resistant to wear a mouth cap
When you are worried about the future
When you dread the coming of Covid-19 vaccinations
Because you know they will damage our consciousness
There will be people slapping you in the face with what they think is 5D
‘That’s not very 5D, isn’t it?’
People will try to punish you for the fact you have feelings
And that’s wrong!

The concept of 5D can be used as a 3D weapon
Just like any other concept
In order to make you feel bad about yourself
Or in order to look away from injustice
This is a very bitter side effect of misunderstood spirituality
It can be used to avoid facing the truth
To pretend everything is fine
To pretend nothing needs to be done

Listen, ‘fake it til you make it’ doesn’t work, okay?
A conflict doesn’t go away by ignoring it
Injustice doesn’t disappear when you pretend it doesn’t exist
Reality needs your consciousness
Reality needs your razor-sharp look
True spirituality is about seeing reality for what it is
It’s about discernment
It’s about knowing what to do
And being willing to do it
Why else are you here?

Sanne Burger


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