What do you know?

What do you think this pandemic is all about?

How do you stay healthy and sane in the madness?

Have you done your own research?

Who do you trust?

Hopefully the information you find here will help you to see the big picture and to get some answers.

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Voorlopig geen trainingen

24 augustus 2022 Lieve mensen, Ik ben in de greep van een nieuw boek en geef om die reden tot november geen trainingen en ook geen individuele sessies meer. Het boek dat ik aan het schrijven ben gaat over de pseudowetenschap rondom de...

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Your bleeding heart

If your heart bleeds You will attract predators They will smell the blood Sense you are weak And shred you to pieces So, mend that broken heart Heal your wounds Stop the bleeding Stand up Straighten your back Spread your wings And let your love shine   Sanne...

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Ancient Thai Massage Instruction video

Ancient Thai Massage Instruction video

[:nl]Deze complete, gedetailleerde instructievideo demonstreert in detail iedere stap van de 2 uur durende full body Ancient Thai Massage, ook wel Nuad Boran of Thai Yoga Massage genoemd.[:en]This complete and detailed instruction video shows every step of the 2 hour full body Ancient Thai Massage, also called Nuad Boran or Thai Yoga Massage.[:]

Ebook: The Corona Games

Ebook: The Corona Games

[:en]The Corona Games: The translated and extended version of ‘Broodje Corona’ which was first published in the Netherlands in February 2021. ‘The Corona Games’ contains several extra articles written after the Dutch edition was published, following the global and internal development closely, while the situation escalates.

– 171 pages
– 46 articles
– Covering the period March 2020 – August 2021