Heaven is a memory

Sanne Burger

25 March 2023

“We are a species with amnesia” – Graham Hancock

What we have lost is our memory of how it was.
Our memory of our time on earth when it was still peaceful.
When the original blueprint was still active.
Earth was created as a Garden of Eden.
A world of abundance, beauty, harmony and joy.
A place of love.

We did not emerge from a hostile environment with erupting volcanos, sulfuric air, earthquakes and storms.
We did not have to hide, hunt and kill to survive.
We did not have to fight off our enemies.
We were not threatened by wild animals, dinosaurs, poisonous snakes and spiders.
We did not drag our women into our caves to procreate.
We were not savages then.
We are savages now.

When we think of the past, we imagine it as a very dangerous, hostile, horrible place.
We count ourselves lucky that we have managed to create a civilisation where we are safe and happy.
That is a lie.
It is the other way around.

Once, our lives were very different.
We would wake up in joy, in the arms of our loved ones.
We would play all day.
We would go out in nature and food would be everywhere.
We would pick berries, fruits and nuts, gather herbs and leaves, drink from the stream and bathe in the sun.
Everything was benign.
We would greet the animals like we would greet another human being, with hugs and kisses and laughter.
They always loved us back, fed us, nourished us, embraced us.
They would be so helpful.
The bear would hold our baby against its soft fur, keeping it warm at night.
The squirrels would climb high up in the trees, where we couldn’t reach, to collect nuts and pine seeds for us.
The birds would help us to send messages across big distances.
Horses were happy to carry us.

Life was good.
Life was peaceful.
Life was joyful.
We lived in abundance, peace and celebration.
There was nothing to achieve, because everything was already there.
We would live naturally, enjoying our bodies and senses.
We were far more capable and intelligent then we are now.
We were connected.
We could communicate telepathically.
We remembered our origin.
We could astral travel.
Our dreams were as real as our life on earth.

Nobody knows exactly how it happened or why it happened, but one day, fear was installed in the human mind.
Fear of death.
Suddenly, humans didn’t trust life anymore.
They started to doubt nature, one another and themselves.
They weren’t certain whether they would survive in the Garden of Eden, so they started to make adjustments.
They were afraid that the animals, their helpers, would leave them, so they fenced them in.
They became afraid of the cold season.
They became afraid of the dark.
They became afraid of shortage, so they would start to grow more food than they needed.
They were afraid that their intuition maybe wasn’t true after all, so they started to think and overthink.

A horrible transformation happened.
The once so happy human became a fearful human.
A human without trust.
Without trust in himself.
Without trust in life.
Without trust in creation.
Without trust in the animals.
Without trust in abundance.
Without trust in nature.
Without trust in his own creative potential.

His mind short-circuited and he went crazy.
He started to imagine things.
He started to imagine dangers that weren’t there.
His fear of shortage was nonsense.
His fear of death was nonsense too.
Who planted these psychotic ideas in his mind?
Nobody knows, but it happened.

Slowly, over time, humans created another world for themselves.
It was hell.
They created big prisons they called cities.
They locked themselves up.
They locked their children up.
They cut themselves off from nature.
They developed emotions like envy and anger.
They got obsessed with power, because they believed that power would keep them safe.
Of course, their world failed.
But they wouldn’t admit it, because they were too ashamed.
They were too proud.

Nowadays, we are under constant pressure.
To have our needs met, we need to strive and plod.
We have to earn our living by selling our very souls, our very integrity, our very nature.
We are forced to settle into a life where we are locked up between four walls most of the time.
We have become uncertain about our relationship to nature, our relationship to each another, our relationship to ourselves.
We are always afraid of shortage.
Shortage of food, shortage of money, shortage of pleasure, shortage of love, shortage of safety.
We no longer realize we are part of nature.
We worry all the time.
We suffer.
We cut down the trees.
We acidify the land.
We no longer have our own garden.
We no longer grow our own food.
We have made ourselves dependent on the supermarket.
We have created scarcity in every possible way.
Abundance has been abandoned.

We have been brainwashed into believing that paradise is in the future.
We believe we go to heaven when we die.
We believe it’s some kind of reward for our dull, empty life as a slave.
But heaven is a memory.
It is not a utopian idea in the future, but an actual memory.
We remember where we came from.
Vaguely, in our dreams, myths and fantasies, we remember how it was.

So, it’s not true that we have moved from a hostile, inhospitable environment to a safe, happy world.
It’s the other way around.
We have moved from the Garden of Eden to hell.
The story of evolution is a lie.
We didn’t start off on a savage, inhabitable earth where we were in constant danger and had to hide and fight to survive.
We didn’t evolve from a barren world to a world of abundance.
It is exactly the opposite.

We contribute our deep seated fear to our ancient past.
But it is not an old fear.
It is a new fear.
What we really fear is the presence, because the present is hell.
And we know it will get worse, if we don’t do anything.

However, the Garden of Eden is still out there.
If you look for it, you will find little oases of nature within this concrete, desolate, soulless desert.
You will find communities in nature, where babies are born the natural way, where men and women can love one another without shame and confusion, where life is celebrated, where abundance is a given, where animals trust us and where everybody is safe.
It is still possible.
The only thing you need to do, is open your eyes and see.

Sanne Burger



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