Let the games begin

‘I aspire to inspire’ – Sanne Burger

The Corona Games


A mysterious virus leads to Orwellian measures, holding the world captive. Some people fear the so-called virus, others fear the vaccines. Whilst the battle between good and evil intensifies, something new emerges from the chaos: a new consciousness. Behind that which government leaders call ‘The Great Reset’ grows ‘The Great Awakening’.

How do you find truth amongst an overload of information? How do you stay sane whilst all certainties seem to vanish before your eyes? How can you give meaning to all the madness, pain and suffering?

In The Corona Games, Sanne Burger gives words to the movement and drama in the collective field. It is a fascinating book that describes the rollercoaster that commenced in March 2020, on all levels. These are the last convulsions of an era. We are at the dawn of a new age.

Sanne Burger:

“I am neither a doctor nor a scientist. My truth is not fixed but always evolving. I am a researcher, a dreamer, an artist. I dance with reality. I process what I experience in the articles and poems that I write. Everything that touches me, shocks me and impresses me, finds a place in my writings. I aspire to inspire and sometimes to provoke. My outspokenness is meant to challenge the reader to find his or her own truth. What do you stand for?

My background is in natural medicine, psychology, astrology, massage, Qigong and Taoism. Besides that, I have travelled a lot and I am also the mother of two amazing souls.. I have always been blessed with my teachers and guides. I am eternally grateful for all of the help, love and wisdom that I have received on my path, not only from my teachers but also from my children and loved ones, sometimes in the most surprising fashion.

Once you have read ‘The Corona Games’ you are part of the Great Awakening, one way or another. The future is very promising. If we join forces, nothing can stop us!”


Read The Corona Games directly on your phone, tablet or computer for € 10.

Broodje Corona 2021


Broodje Corona ligt nu in de teamkamer op school waar ik kids yoga geef….heb t er neergelegd met een briefje: lees, leef, lach, huil en laat je niet bedonderen maar verwonderen!

– Ilanit

‘Bijzonder boek van Sanne Burger. Eerlijk, scherp, ondogmatisch, verhelderend, informatief.’

– Jan

‘Ik heb het boek verzwolgen. En wat was het goed. Echt een aanrader! Voel me steeds steviger worden om me te laten horen, te gaan staan voor de vrijheid en met liefde te laten zien waar ik voor staan. Echt wat een boek! Ik kon het niet meer wegleggen.’

– Suus