What if the soldiers are not ready?

Sanne Burger

17 October 2023

Gaza, October 17th, 2023 – Why has the ground attack of the Israeli army in Gaza been postponed for several days now?
On the news they say it’s because of the weather.
Is that true, or is something else happening?

Israel’s defence minister, Yoav Gallant, said on October 9th:
“I have ordered a complete siege on the Gaza strip.
There will be no electricity, no food, nu fuel.
Everything is closed.
We are fighting human animals and we are acting accordingly.”
On October 15th, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with soldiers in Southern Israel, ahead of the expected ground offensive against Hamas.
“Are you ready?” he asked them rhetorically.

But what if the Israeli soldiers are not ready?
What if this is the reason the ground offensive still hasn’t happened?
Every Israeli soldier knows by now what happened at the border.
They know they were called away by their superiors just before the Hamas attack.
They know it took 8 hours before they were informed by their superiors about what had happened.
They know that in these 8 hours, a massacre amongst their fellow men took place.
They know this could have been avoided.
Everybody wonders: did the Israeli government sacrifice its own citizens, in order to justify war in Gaza?
How can they trust their superiors after what happened?

Maybe, just maybe, the Israeli ground troops are putting down their weapons as we speak.
Maybe they revolt against their superiors.
Maybe they are fed up killing innocent people.
Maybe that’s why the feared ground attack hasn’t happened yet.
Maybe Israeli soldiers are saying today:
No, we are not ready.
We are not ready to attack 2 million unarmed, desperate civilians who are trapped and have nowhere to go.
We will never be ready to do such a thing.
The citizens of Gaza are not human animals.
We will no longer follow your orders.
Enough is enough.
We will not comply.

If that is true, there will be no ground attack.
There will be no war.
Netanyahu and Gallant are dependent on the compliance of the Israeli soldiers.
The army is in power, not their superiors.

I’m not a soldier.
I don’t know how to fight.
Maybe I’m talking bullshit.
But I hope I’m right.

Sanne Burger


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