Sanne Burger


Tuesday to Friday 11am – 5pm

Centrum Osher, Utrecht

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What I do

I give individual coaching sessions and Ancient Thai Massages, often in combination. I like to write and have a number of books and several articles to my name. I also provide Ancient Thai Massage courses (6-day course) and Tao training. I am also available for interviews and podcasts.

I am currently working in Centrum Osher in Utrecht.

What I stand for

No distance. No masks. No testing. No vaccines. No viruses. No nonsense.

Who I am

I am a mother, entrepreneur, coach, tao trainer, Ancient Thai Masseuse, writer and speaker. I am committed to helping and supporting my fellow man where I can. I discovered my life purpose when I started my Ancient Thai Massage training. Since then I have given a large number of Ancient Thai Massages treatments all over the world.

My story

My journey started in 2000 when I started studying Ancient Thai Massage in Kathmandu under the guidance of Rahul Bharti. My skills have since deepened through my personal spiritual path, my travels around the world and my training in Qigong and Tao training. I share a lot of acquired knowledge by offering training and courses myself.