The morphic field

Sanne Burger

10 May 2020

‘If you wish to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’ – Nikola Tesla

How is it possible that a flock of birds moves through the sky, as if it were one being? How does a school of fish swim in the ocean, as if it were one body? How does a group of people dance at a rave, as if it were one soul?

Hovering above
How do groups of the same species communicate, when words are obsolete? How are they connected? It’s through the morphic field, a term introduced by Rupert Sheldrake, many moons ago. The morphic field is an energetic field that contains all the information that is valid for a certain species. You could see it as a database where every animal is tuned into. It consists of every experience this species has had in the past. This explains why a fish knows how to swim, how a newly hatched baby turtle instinctively knows how to get to the sea, how offspring matures quicker with every generation. It explains how knowledge is passed on. Wisdom is kept in the morphic field. We don’t have to invent the wheel, every time again. Or maybe we do.

Makaka monkeys
Every animal in the morphic field is connected telepathically, independent of whether they are together in the flesh, or not. This is beautifully illustrated by the story of ‘The Hundredth Monkey’: Long ago, on Kojima Island in Japan, a group of biologists studied a group of makaka’s, a very innovative type of monkeys. They observed how the monkeys learned from each other by observation and imitation, pretty much like we humans do. For example, one of the brighter females discovered that sweet potato tasted better after she washed it in the clear, salty water of the ocean. After a while the whole colony of monkeys did the same. What was even more fascinating though, was the fact that monkeys on neighboring islands started to wash their sweet potatoes in the ocean too, simultaneously with the monkeys on Kojima.

Everything is vibration
There are many morphic fields on this planet, obviously. Every single one of them has a unique vibration. You can compare it to a radio station. A monkey is connected to the Monkey channel, a giraffe is connected to the Giraffe channel, and we, humans, are tuned into the Human channel. I, as a human, am connected to you, human, through the human field. As far as my experience goes, there are many sub-channels within the human field. Whether I can hear you or not, feel you or not, depends on my sensitivity. Am I sensitive enough to hear the inaudible, to see the invisible? Is it possible to raise my vibration, so I can hear you better? Is it possible to turn it down a notch, if it all gets a bit too intense?

It sucks to be psychic
What some call psychosis and others call mediumship is when you are so sensitive to the voices and vibrations in the morphic field, it drives you crazy. Yes, you can be too sensitive too. I have had experiences where the volume was so high, the range so wide and the cacophony so intense, I thought I lost my mind. I’ve had nights where I could hear all the screams of agony and pain in the world all at once. I could feel it too, as if I was tapping into the suffering of a million people at the same time. Random images of torture, famine and suffering would flood my mind, like in a bad horror movie. Without drugs! It was absolutely unbearable. Had I not learned how to shield myself from the overwhelming input I received from the human field, I would definitely have gone mad. I am eternally grateful to my mentors, for teaching me how to protect myself. I now control the volume and range myself, most of the time, according to what is appropriate. This is nothing out of the ordinary, by the way. All humans have this sensitivity and ability, even though some are more numb than others.

At this crazy moment in history you can feel lost, scared and worried. There’s a pandemic out there, or so it seems. Government measures are extreme and dangerous. You are losing your freedom. At the same time one conspiracy after another turns out to be true. The media is at its most toxic with their divide and conquer strategies. You fear for yourself, your future and your children. You might feel, like many others, you have no one to talk to, nowhere to go, no place to find solace. The Mr. Smith effect is everywhere. The situation is so dire that sometimes you find yourself on the edge of despair, rage or breakdown. And that’s where the morphic field comes in. To show you that you are not alone. The only thing you have to do is to tune in, so you can realize it’s true.

Turn up the volume
The morphic field makes itself known through signs, dreams, feelings and thoughts. Sometimes they are so subtle you hardly notice, or dismiss them straight away. Most of us are raised to be dismissive as our modus operandi. However, some signs are so loud, some dreams are so powerful, they leave you speechless, unable to pretend it didn’t happen. Seen Sense8? This is a series about 8 people who are connected as one being, even though they are their own person as well. A lot of their interaction actually comes eerie close to reality (except for the orgies). They too, have to wake up to the understanding that this connection is real and goes beyond the rational scope of what is considered normal.

Tune in
Telepathy is a skill that is natural for humans, as well as for animals and plants. It is a characteristic of the morphic field. It means not only are you tuned in, but you are consciously aware of it, too. Trees communicate through this field as well. What you might notice when you are of the more sensitive kind is that when something bad happens to a member of the tribe, it has an effect on you, and vice versa. Oftentimes you will not be able to know exactly what’s going on, but you can sense it. This has been researched extensively amongst plants, rocks and water as well. If a tree in the forest is cut, you can measure a reaction in all the other trees. We are not much different.

Lately I have sensed a shift in the morphic field that I am a part of. Honestly, I am not sure which field this is, exactly. As far as I can sense, the number of people connected to it are much less than 8 billion. Thank God. However, they are still many, even though I am unable to put a number on it. 50.000? 500.000? However, there are quite a few people out there, people I know in the flesh, of whom I know they belong to the same field. It’s those people with whom no time seems to have passed, when you meet again. And, even though I can feel them, I actually haven’t met most of the people who belong to this field. Anyway, I was saying that lately, the energy in the field has changed significantly. I sense more connection, more unanimity, more support, more joy and more strength. I dare even say, more so than ever before.

For example: I plan on writing on a certain subject, but then postpone doing it, as I so often do. The idea is there and lingers in my mind, without being manifested. And then the next day I find an article written on the subject, even with a few of the same sentences or referrals I had in mind. Or someone sends me a song with lyrics to show how much they resemble a poem of mine. Or I think of someone and he or she calls me. Or I wake up in the morning in bliss, just certain that everything is okay with my tribe. Or I dream about someone and the next day I bump into him on the street – oh wait, can’t use that phrase anymore. Bummer.

With some people we feel a stronger resonance than with others. This is where love comes in. Through love we come into resonant relationship with another person. Distance collapses and you can feel each other, where ever you are. There is no separation, you feel and act as one being. If you are unhappy, the other person resonates with it. He or she will in response either become unhappy too, or he can lift you up. If his vibration is stronger than yours, you will start to resonate with him and feel better straight away. Vice versa the same. Imagine the power of a morphic field that is bursting with love, joy, faith and strength! That’s the feeling I have, and it gets stronger every day.

You feel powerless? You don’t have to be. Your vibration is so powerful, it literally touches everything and everyone around you. Through what you send out, through your attitude, emotions and thoughts, you influence the world around you. Much more than you might think. You can pollute with what you send out, or you can heal with what you send out. You want to know what to do about this global crisis? Raise your vibration in any way possible! It’s the only thing that matters. People, plants, animals, water, even rocks will react to it. Morphic fields also connect between species and exchange information and energy all the time.

Can you feel it? Can you feel the shift in the human field? Can you feel how it lifts you up? Do you dare to let go and lean in? Do you dare to be lifted? Do you feel the caress of the ones that love you? Do you dare trust it? Is it real?

Oh yes, it is. It’s real.

Sanne Burger


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