Are you ready to die?

Sanne Burger

18 May 2020

In the movie ‘The Matrix’, Neo wakes up in the real world and joins a group that fights for liberating humanity from the matrix. The matrix is a system that breeds people, hijacks their minds and uses their trapped bodies as energy providers. Within the team of freedom fighters there is a betrayer, Cypher. He prefers the matrix over reality, because it provides comfort and safety.

Cypher says: ‘I know this steak doesn’t exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. And you know what? I don’t care. Ignorance is bliss.’

This person is tired of fighting
He has given up
He no longer strives for truth, but for pleasure
Whether it is real or not, doesn’t matter to him
Not anymore
He has been through too many hardships

Someone said: ‘Love is being willing to die for’
What are you willing to die for?
If you know, for example, that someone is after your consciousness
After your ability to think independently
After your free will
Your capacity to be present
Your ability to feel
To observe
To experience the intensity of reality as it is
To see the beauty of it
Will you resist?

If you know that someone wants to trap you in a false reality
Where you will lose your true self
Where you will lose your soul
Are you willing to take the risk of dying
In order to not let that happen?

Are you willing to die for others?
If they come to take your parents
And put them in an elderly home
A prison
Where you know they will die alone
Not held
Not cared for
Except by strangers
Will you resist?

If they come to take your children
And put them in a school
A prison
Where they will be indoctrinated
Where they are not allowed to play
Not allowed to touch
Where they will be punished for not obeying the rules
Not your rules, their rules
A school where your consent doesn’t matter anymore
Because that’s the law
Will you fight?

When they come for you
And force you to accept an injection
That will take away your freedom
When they force you to accept a chip
That will take away your authority
That will take away your consciousness
That will take away your freedom
That will numb you for eternity
Will you fight?

When they come to destroy you
Will you fight?
Or will you say: whatever
I don’t care
Let my parents wither away
Let my children get traumatized
Just give me that injection
Take my consciousness
As I rather don’t notice what happens
What does it matter anyway?
I don’t feel like fighting
I don’t care anymore
I am too tired
I am powerless anyway
You can have it all
You have won

What is worth dying for?
What is worth living for?
Will there be freedom on the other side?
Are you willing to give up your freedom now, based on the idle hope that someday you will get your freedom back again?
When, do you think, will you get your freedom back?
When this is over?
After the elections?
When you are 65?
When you go to heaven?

Freedom is not in the future
Freedom is now
You don’t show your love in the future
You show your love now
Now is the time
Now is the only reality
Not in some fantasy future or heaven that you dream of
Because you’re too scared to act now

What is worse to you
Living in a fake reality, or die?
Will you disappear when you die?
Or will you disappear when you lose your consciousness?
Do you mind disappearing?

Who are you anyway?
What are you?
Are you just a body
A body that has to be safe, under all circumstances
That has to be without risk, no matter what
Or are you an eternal soul, living in a body?

What defines the quality of your life?
Is it your mobile phone, your wealth, your safety
Or is it your freedom?
Is it your security, your pension
Or is it the connection you have with your loved ones
The joy of playing outside with your kids
Making love with your beloved
Raising a puppy
Roaming the mountains, the wilderness
The sun on your skin
Traveling, learning, exploring
Holding your father’s fragile hand when he is old
Holding your mother in your arms when she dies?

What makes you human?
What if this whole pandemic has only been created to wake you up?
What if this whole pandemic has only manifested to remind you of what it means to be human?
To help you to make a choice
To stand up for what it means to be human?

When will you claim your sovereignty back?
What is unacceptable to you?
When does your heart speak loud enough to act on it?
When will you act on the ache you feel, when you see your beloved ones suffer?
When will you chose to not listen to what they tell you anymore?
When are they going too far, in your experience?
What does it take for you to finally say: ‘Enough!’
When will you stand up for your right?

Sanne Burger


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