Love me

Sanne Burger

21 December 2019

Art: Susan Seddon Boulet 

Love all of me

Love the fat, greedy woman in me
The one who never has enough
Who is always hungry for more
Who is always lustful

Love the corpse in me
The defeated one
The one who is only skin and bones
The one who has married the wrong guy too many times
Who has died in too many wars
Who has lost her appetite for life
Who has lost her hair
Her sex appeal
Her voice
Her sassiness

Love the little girl in me
The naive, playful child
The scared one
The vulnerable one
The innocent one
The curious one
The one that needs protection

Love the fury in me
The man hater
The bitter one
The one who is seeking revenge
The one who is too angry to forgive
The one who is always looking for a fight
The bitch
In whose eyes you can never do anything right

Love the pleaser in me
The faker
The one who makes phony noises while making love
The one who has learned to act, pretend and fake it
In order to be accepted
In order to get at least a little bit of love and attention
The one that behaves in ways you know is not authentic

Love the addict in me
The one who is addicted to sex
The one who is always afraid of missing out
The one who is constantly looking for kicks
The one who only wants oblivion
The one who is just using you
In order to fill the void inside of her
In order to escape from herself

Love the vain one in me
The self-conscious one
The one who is always looking for compliments
Grant her a bit of satisfaction
Tell her she is beautiful
Put her vanity at ease
Smile if she keeps asking you how she looks
If her boobs are not too small
Her ass not too big
Her heels not too high
Her bra not too tight
Her dress not too red
Her hair not too curly
Tell her she is perfect as she is

Love the drama queen in me
The one who is overly emotional
Consumed by sadness
Love her by not being afraid of her emotions
Trust that by expressing her emotions she will be able to let them go
Tell her it’s okay when she is emotional
She’s a woman
Emotions are part of her
They just need to flow freely

Love the matron in me
The one who is trying to boss you around
Who is manipulative
Self righteous
Don’t be a doormat
Never ever become a slave of her demands
Love her by not granting them
Being demanding is part of her confusion
Please allow her to recognize that on her own terms
In her own time
Without bashing her for it

Love me when I’m unfair
When I blame you for things you didn’t do
When I project my fears and anger on you
Don’t take it on
But please don’t fight back either
Trust me to be wise and loving enough to recognize my unfairness in time
Give me time to apologize

Love me when I’m tired
When I can’t perform
When I’m good for nothing
When I can’t run that fast
When I don’t know what to do
When I fail
When I’m too scared to even start
When I give up
When I walk away
When I’m a coward
When I’m weak

Love me when I’m boring
When I’m not sexy at all
When I don’t feel like making love
When I can’t bear the thought of it
When I feel ugly
When I’m wearing my old jogging trousers and sweater with holes
When I sit on the couch, holding a hot water bottle
When I don’t want you to touch me
When I only want to binge watch my favorite series
Without you disturbing me

Love me when I get carried away
When I talk too much
When I talk too fast
When I’m passionate about things that mean nothing to you
When I tell stories without checking whether you want to hear them first
Forgive me when I’m too preoccupied with myself
Love me anyways

Love me when I forget to express my love for you
When I neglect you
When I forget to acknowledge how amazing you are
How much I need you
How much I rely on you
How happy you make me
That I would die for you
Trust in the love that I have for you
Trust in the love that you have for me
Know that I will always come back to you

Love is our underlying current
The other things are just temporary waves on the surface


Sanne Burger @


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