No more father figures

Sanne Burger

28 December 2019

It is time to say goodbye to all the father figures in my life
The men I relied on for emotional security
For self-worth
For confirmation
For knowledge, wisdom and guidance
For telling me how to live

For every woman, and maybe also for every man, there comes a time where she has gathered enough courage and self-worth to let go of her father figures
When she is no longer scared of being single, of being alone, of making her own decisions
When she is no longer scared of not being liked, of not being included, of not being accepted
When she no longer feels compelled to fit in by behaving a certain way
When a woman can stand on her own feet
It is time to say goodbye to her father figures
To choose freedom over security
Which was a false security anyway

‘Welcome to the real world’, my lover would say
With a triumphant smile
But what does that even mean?
For him it meant: ‘Welcome to the world as I perceive it
I hope I have been successful at shattering your dreams’
What he meant was not ‘welcome to the real world’ but ‘welcome to my world’
The male world
Which is not the real world at all
It is only half of it

The patriarch is such a habit
We are so used to turn to male authorities for guidance
We are so drilled into submission, following orders
We praise the Lord
We thank God
We bow to the Father
We surrender to the Guru
The father, the son and the holy ghost
All men, men, men
We are so used to it

It is even said that men are active and women are passive in the sexual act
Men are the doers, women are the receivers
But is that true?
Why do we call it penetration?
Isn’t that only half of the act?
Why don’t we call it ‘sucking in’, or ‘pulling in’?
Isn’t sucking and pulling an active deed too?
Is it possible that men are much less in control then they want to believe?
How often is a man pulled in, sucked in, drawn into a woman’s vagina
An active, conscious deed of the woman
And the man has no choice, no will of his own
The only thing he can do is to give in, to surrender
To give all of himself
His love, his life-force and his seed
Have you ever seen the power of a whirlpool?
That’s the vagina
So, why do we call it penetration?
Why not sucking in?
Or a combination of both?

Why bother, you might say
Why not just follow the patriarch and live a comfortable life in safety?
Because it’s not who you are, woman
We are not inferior
We are equal
Different, but equal
If we, as women, continue to give away our power
If we continue to not interfere with worldly affairs
If we keep pretending we are only good for being pretty and delivering babies
This world will soon come to an end

What is lacking in this world is the feminine pole
The yin energy
It has become too yang, too masculine
We all see the consequences of this
The solution is not to invent another machine that will suck the plastic out of the ocean
Or to lower CO2 emission
Or to start another war
The only solution is for the feminine to come forward and take charge
To collaborate

I am ready

To all my gurus, teachers and lovers
Thank you for giving me a false sense of security
It was better than nothing
I do not blame you
I asked you to do it
Thank you for doing your best
But I don’t need you to do it anymore
Your so called wisdom has become a prison
Your truth has become an obstacle
Your knowledge has become a limitation

I am done trying to fit into what is believed to be a woman
I am ready to be myself
I set you free, beloved
You no longer need to guide me, take care of me or protect me
I can take care of myself
I am ready to step into my power
I know who I am

Let us work together, my beloved guru, teacher and lover
Let us clean up this mess
It is time


Sanne Burger @


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