The multi-layered lie

Sanne Burger

6 February 2023


Just like with a house of cards, or a wedding cake, the lowest layer is the first and the biggest. It carries all the other cards/layers/lies. Remove the lowest card/layer/lie, and the house of cards will collapse.

From the top down:

Lie 1: Covid is a dangerous disease

Wrong. Covid is the name given to a series of common symptoms with multiple causes, most of them not dangerous at all.

Lie 2: Covid is a contagious disease

Wrong. There is no proof whatsoever that covid, or any other so called disease, is contagious. You can’t ‘catch a disease’.

Lie 3: Covid-19 was/is a pandemic

Wrong. The numbers of sick and deceased people were never high enough to justify the claim that there was a pandemic.

Lie 4: The only protection against covid is a vaccine

Wrong. A vaccine has never protected anyone against anything.

Lie 5: Covid is caused by a virus

Wrong. There are multiple causes for the symptoms that are now called covid and a virus is not one of them. Sars-Cov-2 has never been identified.

Lie 6: Other diseases are caused by other viruses

Wrong. Viruses are a concept based on the germ theory. The germ theory states that micro-organisms like viruses carry disease and infect people. This theory has never been proven, meaning it has never been proven that any disease is caused by a virus.

Lie 7: Vaccines protect against viruses

Wrong. No vaccine has ever protected anyone against anything. Vaccines only cause harm to the body. Their only benefit is the profit their makers make of it.

Lie 8: HCQ and Ivermectine are a cure against covid

Wrong. This would confirm the existence of covid as a dangerous, contagious, identified disease, which is not the case. Furthermore, there is no general medicine that can cure a set of common, diverse symptoms.

Lie 9: Pills help against diseases

Wrong. There is no one pill against one disease. Every dis-ease is highly individual, both when it comes to cause and cure. Pills, just like vaccines, only serve their makers, not their users, and often contain poisonous substances that cause disease.

Lie 10: All the above is scientifically proven

Absolutely, categorically wrong. The existence of covid and viruses, the benefits of vaccines and the germ theory are horrific lies that have causes endless suffering and countless deaths. Not a single one of these 9 lies are proven.

Lie 11: You can trust the medical science

Absolutely not, as shown above. Modern medical science is a fraudulent, fake, corrupt freak show with no regard for human life. Many practitioners mean well but are ignorant, hence can neither be trusted.

Sanne Burger


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