Body snatchers

Sanne Burger

25 March 2021

In this article, I want to elaborate on body snatchers. This starts with establishing a satisfying definition of what a human being actually is and how it relates to the physical body. Nowadays, many people have adopted the concept that the physical body is a space suit for the soul, so the soul can have a human experience. As such, the human race is defined as a group of souls who frequently incarnate in a physical body, to live a certain time span on this adventurous planet. Then, when the body dies, the soul leaves and continues its journey into other realms, or it might reincarnate on earth again and have several cycles of experiencing, learning and evolving. From this point of view, the earth is considered a school for the human soul.

I want one of those
If you take this concept a bit further, you can wonder whether this space suit, this physical body, might also be desired by other life forms – assuming that there are indeed multiple life forms in the universe, possibly as many as there are animals on this planet. Just think of how many insects, birds, butterflies, reptiles, mammals and other animals exist on this planet only! This gives an idea of how many life forms there might be in the vast and wide universe.

Possibly, some life forms have a physical body, while others have not. In that case, would it be too farfetched to imagine that these non-physical life forms would love to have a physical body, because it is such an amazing opportunity? If this is so, situations could easily arise in which the physical body would be fought over by different life forms. This is where the concept of body snatchers comes in. Like a cuckoo cub, a body snatcher will attempt to remove the original inhabitant of a physical body, in order to start living there itself.

This is not the same as a walk-in. A walk-in is a human soul, who instead of incarnating in a baby’s body in the womb, incarnates in a mature body, thereby taking over the body from the original inhabitant. This can happen in many different ways, for example through drugs, electronic radiation, black or white magic, accidents, coma, trauma or crisis, in the dream realm or through certain energetic practices.

White magic
If this take-over happens consciously, with mutual consent, it is called white magic. In that case, the free will of the individual is respected. The take-over takes place in order to bring healing to either one or both of the involved souls, or to the collective as a whole. A good example is Lobsang Rampa, a Tibetan Buddhist who fled from Tibet during the Chinese invasion. He got caught and tortured to the degree that his physical body was no longer capable of carrying out his mission. His teachers, high ranked Buddhist lamas, then struck a deal with a man in England. This man was suicidal and had nothing left to live for. He was happy to give up his body, in exchange of being sent to a realm where his soul could rest in peace. The lamas arranged this and the next morning Lobsang Rampa woke up in the body of the English guy. His wife freaked out at first, but after explanation they stayed together, until Rampa died. This and much more about white magic in Tibetan Buddhism you can read in Rampa’s books, of which ‘The Third Eye’ (1956) became a bestseller.

Black magic
If the take-over of the body happens unconsciously or through force and violence, it’s called black magic. In that case, the original soul is manipulated into giving up the body through temptation or fear, or he is simply removed forcefully. There are many different ways to force a soul out of the body, even when the original soul doesn’t want to leave. What we nowadays call the Matrix (Samsara or Maya in the old days): the veil of illusion covering up reality, plays an important role in this battle. There are ways to prevent such a take-over, if one knows what to do. In ancient Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism there are many books written about the subject and many techniques given. We will elaborate on this later.

Does it show?
For now, I just want to pose the question: if a physical body has been overtaken, either through white or black magic, would it show? And if so, how would it show? The wife of Lobsang Rampa noticed immediately. Her depressed husband looked the same, but his demeanor had changed completely. She could sense it, even though she would never have been able to tell what exactly had happened. However, Lobsang Rampa explained to her, because he was fully aware of what had happened and he was a polite man. He didn’t want to upset her. Still, imagine waking up next to your husband one morning and the first thing he says is:
‘Good morning, madam. I’m sorry to disturb. Let me introduce myself. My name is Lobsang Rampa. Your husband has moved onto another realm and he gracefully allowed me to overtake his body.’
At first she thought he had gone mad. After a while though, she got used to the concept and she sensed he was speaking the truth. Rampa wrote many books about his previous life in Tibet. Of course, he was ridiculed by people who didn’t believe his stories. This was way before Carlos Castaneda, by the way. It was in the 1950’s. Tibet’s borders were closed at the time. Only after they opened decades later, people went to check the details he had described in his books. All of them were verified as truth.

There are many different situations and motives for a walk-in to overtake a body. If it is done without consent of the original soul, this might be a reason for the conscious walk-in to try his best to hide it. A walk-in has full access to the memory bank of the previous soul, which is stored in the brain. He can recollect previous events, but he cannot access the feelings that the soul experienced during these events. Therefore, the walk-in can talk about previous events in a matter of fact-like, cold way, as if he doesn’t care. Which is true! He wasn’t there, so in truth he couldn’t care less. Affectionate bonds often end after a take-over as well, as the new soul has no connection or karmic ties to the ones, that before were so dear to the original soul. Or sometimes he has, but they are of a totally different kind.

The personality
Here it might be a good idea to introduce the term ‘personality’. The personality is not the soul, neither is it the physical body. Riding our current train of thought, the personality can be seen as a collection of stories, behavior and beliefs that the soul temporarily identifies with, in order to function within the realms of this particular time span on earth. Oftentimes the personality is very confused after a take-over. He or she might even be unaware of the fact the original soul has disappeared. After all, the whole concept of walk-ins taking over the physical body is absent in our culture. The person it happens to might say ‘I feel so weird, I feel not myself, I feel as if I am in the wrong place/body/relationship/job/situation/time’ because that is how far his reality reaches. He has no other concepts to describe how he feels. The people around him that were close to the original soul, might feel eerie or awkward around him or her, but will explain it by saying: ‘he’s going through a rough time’ or ‘he has psychological problems’ or ‘he is psychotic/schizophrenic/crazy’. How else could they explain the feeling that this person suddenly feels like a stranger?

The human soul
There’s a lot to elaborate on, considering the topic of walk-ins. To conclude my elaboration for now, I want to suggest that it probably happens a lot more than we are aware of. At this point though, I want to move on from walk-ins to body snatchers. You could say that a soul who violently takes over a physical body is a body snatcher too, but for now I want to distinguish between walk-ins that have a human soul and walk-ins that have a non-human soul. However, this can also be a point of discussion, because what exactly is a human soul? Is there only one human species, or are there more? And what are our origins? It is said that there are actually 22 different versions of the human species walking around on this planet today. Also, it is not a given that humans have originated here on earth at all. But let’s not digress again. Let’s stick to the distinction between human body snatchers and non-human body snatchers.

Human and non-human
The main difference between human and non-human body snatchers is that in general, a human soul cares for the human race. The non-human soul sometimes does and sometimes doesn’t. Like I said, there is an infinite variety of non-physical life forms in the universe. Some love the human race, others hate it. Some incarnate on earth in order to help the human race to evolve, others incarnate to destroy it. Yet others incarnate for completely other reasons, which might be personal and harmless or insignificant to the evolution of mankind or the safety of life on this planet.

Star Wars
Just for the sake of this thought experiment, let’s assume that body snatching by non-human life forms is much more frequent than we think. Imagine this is part of an intergalactic struggle between different life forms, who fight over power, control, territory, energy, consciousness, gold and other desirable things. Usually, when we think of alien or galactic warfare, we think of Star Wars, space ships and UFO’s. But what if there was another type of galactic warfare, much more subtle, invisible and literally closer to your skin: body snatchers!

Push out the soul
If, as a species, you were inclined to overtake this planet and get rid of or diminish the human race, one way of doing so would be to overtake the human spacesuit. You would approach a body, enter its aura, get into it, push out the soul and voilà, you have managed to get yourself a place on earth. What if this was not an occasional thing, but something that has been planned on a grand scale? What if it this is not an exception to the rule, something exotic made up by the occasional lost alien, but a carefully crafted operation by an intelligent life form, creatures who have thought this true and figured out this is the most effective way to occupy this earth? Could this be true?

Alien psychopaths
If this were true, it would possibly explain why some humans behave so inhumane. It’s because they are not human, they only look human! It would explain why there is so much horror on this planet. It would explain the cold hearted elite, who clearly don’t care about people and are willing to cause great damage in order to reach their dubious goals. It would explain Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Tech and all the other multinationals, exploiting the human race and its habitat. It would explain satanic governments. It would explain rituals where the suffering of children and babies, the most innocent and vulnerable among the human species, is celebrated. It would explain why so many multinationals and powerful people perform inhumane behavior, without showing any remorse. It would explain why some people are psychopaths.

No longer human
These days, we see human spacesuits perform actions that we as humans don’t understand. Maybe we would understand, if we grasped the concept that indeed, they are no longer human. This might actually explain why a vaccine has been developed that makes the human body less adaptable to house a human soul.
‘How is this possible? This is against human life!’ you might say.
Could this be true? Are they changing the design of the human body through altering its DNA, so it will be more suitable for them? Are they changing the environment, polluting the water, the air and the soil, destroying the ecological balance that was so ideal for us humans, because it’s not ideal for them? Are they blocking the sun and lowering the oxygen levels on earth, because they thrive in the shade and with a much lower oxygen level? Are they modifying our food, because they don’t need fresh, organic food, like we do? Are they trying to starve us? Are they weakening us by electromagnetic radiation, so we can be removed more easily? Are they modifying the human body to make it infertile, because they don’t reproduce the same way as us? Who knows, maybe they create their off spring in breeding chambers, all closely monitored by AI. Maybe they consider our way of procreating primitive and absolutely obsolete, with all its uncertainty and risk. Or maybe they have found a way to rejuvenate the physical body eternally, so it becomes immortal and doesn’t need to be replaced every 80 years. Or maybe they want to modify the body into androgyny, instead of maintaining these old fashioned, complicated male and female versions. If the plan was to overtake this planet, get rid of us and create ideal circumstances for them, infertility vaccines would indeed be a great plan.

Is there anybody in there?
Maybe we are in an invisible war. Maybe there is indeed an alien attack, an invasion of an alien race. In this context, you might wonder what the percentage of real, true humans living in a human space suit is, compared to the percentage of alien life forms occupying a human space suit. And how big of a percentage do we need of the latter, for the invasion to succeed? Maybe, if you meet someone whom you haven’t seen for a while, you might want to double check to see if he or she is still the same soul as when you met last. How does he move and talk, and most importantly: how does he feel? Once aware of the option, you might want to know how to know who is in there – or not.

Who wants to go home?
Continuing on this train of thought, you can ask yourself: if this is happening, is there a possibility to stop it? And if so, do we want to stop it? Do we, human souls, want to stay on this planet? I believe it is absolutely legit to ask this, because some humans might have a burning desire to get off of this planet and would leave straight away, if they had the choice. If there are indeed 22 different human species, I can imagine some of them feel they don’t belong here (anymore) and want to go home, to their original planet or realm. Furthermore, how about all these souls that have been pushed out of their physical body, some of whom might not even be aware of it? Not to speak of all the deceased souls that have died unconsciously and are stuck in these realms?

Ask me!
However, first and foremost, I feel we should be asked. I do not agree with not being asked whether I want to either modify or completely give up my physical body, because it is MY physical body. And as far as I know we have not been asked whether we are willing to give up this planet, either. That annoys me, because that is against what I consider universal law. It goes against my free will. If I consciously say ‘Yes, you can have my body’ – like in the case of the English man and Lobsang Rampa – it is a totally different story, but now I feel forced.

I do not consent
Sometimes it looks like the human race is crumbling before my eyes. And even though I know species come and go, that 98% of all species that ever lived on this planet have gone extinct, this feels deeply wrong. I have not agreed to give up on the human race. I have not agreed to the human race being destroyed. So let me be very clear: if this is the case, I do not consent. If you are trying to push your agenda against my will, I will push back.

Do you consent?
If this thought experiment resonates with you in even the remotest way; if you can imagine there might be some truth in it and are willing to consider the idea that it explains what really is going on behind the scenes, that it might explain this fake pandemic, the coldness of our medical and political establishment, our doctors and leaders, then I haven’t written this lengthy piece for nothing.

Can we still stop this?
So, back to the question: if all this is true, are there ways to stop it? My immediate answer would be: yes, there are ways to stop it! There are ancient traditions that are acutely aware of the danger of being kicked out of your physical body by non-human life forms. In Taoism and Buddhism, as I said before, they have proven methods, developed to remove entities from the physical body. Masters in these arts know how to cleanse the body from undesired, uninvited guests and invaders. They have taught their practitioners for centuries how to take ownership of the body. Also, they know how to energetically protect and shield the body. They take this type of energetic warfare very serious and consider dealing with this an important part of what it means to be human.

Your body is yours alone
The ancient traditions mentioned above, state that as a human being, you are responsible for your body. It is yours and you don’t have to share it with anyone or anything. However, you are supposed to be accountable. You have the task to take care of your body and protect its boundaries. One of the reasons it seems so easy now to overtake a human body is because in the past 100 years we have been brainwashed into forgetting all about this ancient wisdom. Frankly, we usually ridicule it as soon as we hear about it, while we have no clue about how to protect ourselves, let alone others.

Good old shamanism
However, the good news is: yes, it is absolutely possible to remove non-human life forms, entities, aliens, demons or however you want to call them, from your body. In old fashioned, dramatic religious terms this is called exorcism, but in fact it is much more subtle than that. It’s not spooky, extreme or freaky at all. The catholic church has not been very helpful in keeping this ancient wisdom alive. On the contrary! In shamanism they call it soul retrieval, which I find a much more appropriate term. In short, you can go to an experienced healer or shaman to have him clean your body for you (beware though, not all who say they can, actually can) or you can go somewhere to learn the methods yourself. Or both!

Protective shields
A healthy, harmonious human being has a natural, protective energetic shield around the body. However, that shield can be attacked and damaged. Under the influence of electromagnetic radiation, trauma, extreme emotions, chronic suffering, danger, stress, bad habits, environmental and dietary problems, pollution, pharmaceutical medicine and treatment, abuse, etcetera, these protective shields become weaker. Before, when we were still living harmonious lives, raised and protected by our tribe, in sync with nature, our shields were incredibly strong. At this point, many people hardly have one. Hence, the big invasion of this time. It’s pretty easy for non-human life forms to invade the body, compared to before.

Amazing grace
However, even if all this is actually true and not only a fun thought experiment, we are not in a hopeless situation. We are not lost! We haven’t lost this galactic battle. Not yet! But something has to be done. That’s for sure. Bottom line is that we, as a species, have to raise awareness about the simple fact that our physical bodies need to be protected. And you, the inhabitant of that body, are responsible to do so. You can start right now. You can start cleansing and detoxing your body by changing your diet, drinking clean water, breathing clean air and giving your body the necessary rest and action. Also, you can do some soul searching on where you could improve your boundaries and what negative energies you want to get rid of in your life. And then get rid of it, of course. The idea that you have to put up with things you do not want, with situations that make you unhappy, is an even bigger hoax than this so called pandemic.

Return to Eden
We have to educate ourselves. We have to learn how to cleanse our bodies and how to remove uninvited guests. We have to learn how to protect ourselves and how to retrieve the souls that were pushed out of their bodies, without giving their consent. This is how we can restore the balance. And yes, I believe it is still possible. But the times, they are a tad urgent.

©Sanne Burger


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