Women of the dawn

Sanne Burger

18 March 2021

We are the women of the dawn
We are the strong women
We are the wild women
We are the healed women
We are the women, who have remembered their true essence
And we forgive you

We forgive you, men
We forgive you for the patriarch
We forgive you for the rape, suppression, humiliation and abuse
We forgive you, because we know you did not know better
You had no clue about your own power
You had no clue about how much it hurt
The way you treated us

We know now, that your yearning for true love and pleasure is as big as ours
We know now, there was a third party involved
A non-human energy, which had taken over human kind
A demonic force, showing itself through religion, porn and society
If there is anyone to blame for our past, it is them

For they took our power away
They created a split in our minds and hearts
The drove a wedge between male and female
They created distrust between us

The abuse never happened because men enjoy to hurt women
It never happened because women enjoy to be hurt
Women do not enjoy being victims
Neither do they enjoy revenge
Men do not enjoy being rapists
Neither do they enjoy to suppress
None of that!

We, the wild women, remember our true nature
And from our true nature we say:
Men, we love you so much
We adore you
We love to see your true power
We trust your true nature
We love it!

You have been under hypnosis
And so have we
We know that we have facilitated this society
We sold our souls as well
We lied and cheated
Not only to you, but also to ourselves

We neglected you
We chose to no longer be honest with you
We chose to pretend and fake
We even faked our orgasm
We pretended we liked your heartless sexuality
How could you know any better?

We are sorry for not telling you
For not being honest with you
Forgive us
We did not know what we were doing, either

We are sorry
We forgive you
We love you

Please, come to us
Please, join us
We have missed you so much

We can’t imagine a world without you
So come, join forces with us
We, the women of the dawn, have opened a portal to a new world
Step through this portal with us
And help us create a new reality

Sanne Burger


  1. Jeanne Hagenaars

    Zo waar. Dit zou op iedere hoek van de straat, elke krant en alle media, elk uur hardop gelezen moeten worden. Net zo lang dat elk brokje muur weg is en ieders hart weer straalt.

    • Sanne Burger

      Wat een leuk idee!


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