We need more warriors

Sanne Burger

25 September 2021

A real warrior is never angry
A real warrior is always full of compassion
A real warrior sees the innocence in every living creature
Even in his enemy

A real warrior is full of forgiveness
Puma, lion and wolf are warriors
They are predators who need to kill to live
But they never kill out of anger
They are loving, fierce creatures
Who have the power to kill
And know when to use it

They kill from a place of love
They kill for survival
They kill for food
And they also kill for justice
Because sometimes justice is needed
To keep the peace
To protect the tribe
To remove the rotting parts
So life can continue

What is forgotten in the spiritual world
In the world of new age
Brothers and sisters gathering around the campfire
Or around the pool
Hugging and kissing each other
Being kind and sweet
Is the necessity of the warrior

The knife of the surgeon
Is sometimes necessary
The surgeon is not afraid to cut the flesh
To amputate the leg
To remove the abscess
If this is necessary to keep his patient alive

The arrow of the native
Is sometimes necessary
The native is not afraid to use his bow and arrow
He is not afraid to shoot the arrow
Right through the heart of his prey
He is not afraid to sit with the dying animal
And give thanks for its death

The true warrior doesn’t hesitate to use his knife
Or his bow and arrow
Or his teeth
When it’s necessary
The true warrior knows when to cut a throat
He knows what has to be done
He possesses the power of discernment

Death and discernment are the domains of Scorpio
Scorpio know how to navigate in the underworld
Unlike most of us
This is the realm of reality that we prefer to overlook
The realm we mostly deny in our culture
We don’t like the smell of death
We don’t like the sight of blood
We don’t like to see someone die
We turn away in fear or disgust

However, we trust that other people will do the killing for us
That counts for every person who eats meat
That counts for every person who believes in war
Or has sent his or her children to the army
It counts for every person who pays taxes

Isn’t that cowardly?
Why do we only allow death to strike in unseen territory
In the underworld
In places where we don’t come
In places where we don’t look
Whilst at the same time pretending we do not support killing

Wouldn’t it be more honest to honor those of us who still possess the power to kill?
Who still have the courage to discern on such a level?
Who still have the balls, the stamina, the honesty, the rawness and the power
to stand up for their tribe and kill that which needs to be killed?

“What needs to be killed?” you might ask
Feigning shock
Pretending you are too refined to engage in such savagery
While you just ate a big steak
Downloaded the last war movie on your computer
And patted your young nephew on the shoulder
Because he became a sergeant in the army

What needs to be killed is that which forms an immediate danger to you or your tribe
That which robs you of your possessions
Those possessions that keep you alive
That which molests your children
That which purposely creates disease and suffering in your tribe
Just for its own enrichment and benefit

Let’s be honest
The time to sing Kum Ba Ya is over
The time to welcome everything with love and light is over
The time to call everybody sister and brother is over

Love and compassion in these times means to be fierce
To use the knife
To use the bow and arrow
To use the sword
To do what it takes to protect yourself, your family and your tribe

We need warriors
We don’t need prayers anymore
Enough meditated
We need action
We need Jesuses who throw the merchants out of the temple
We need warriors who free the children from their chains
We need people who stand up against the rules
If these rules are no longer humane

We need to gather our strength
We need to come together
We need to become an army of love

Sanne Burger

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