Every thought counts

Sanne Burger

22 September 2021

While we all try to find the truth
While we hold on tight to what we believe is true
While we fiercely defend our truth
We actually overlook an important aspect of the truth
Which is that truth is not solid

The truth is ever changing
The truth is like plasma
It is not consolidated
It is fluid
It is more volatile than the wind

The truth is ever changing
We create it while we try to understand it
The truth is something that we all create together
In our dreaming
With our imagination
With our beliefs

The more people believe in something
The more solid it appears
That is the secret of manifestation
We manifest this reality by dreaming it up together

We create with our dreams
We create with our imagination
We create with our thoughts

From that perspective, looking for the truth is not a correct phrase
Creating the truth is more accurate
The truth is not something out there
The truth rises up from within

Of course, there is a gap between the truth as we perceive it
and the truth as how we would like it to be
I am not saying that it is easy to change reality
It is not
It is the most difficult thing

But the reason for this is not because the truth is so solid and dense
The reason for this is that many people dream very irresponsibly
They dream very selfish
Very childlike
Very fearful

Our creativity has been hijacked
Our imagination has been damaged
Therefore, we are not using this skill very well nowadays

We are not using it to create harmony
We are not using it to create beauty
We use it to create safety and comfort
We use it to create entertainment
We use it to resist change
And all that contributes to reality

Everything you think
Everything you dream
Everything you long for
Everything you desire
Contributes to the dream that we call reality

So instead of arguing over the truth
Over what is true and what is false
Over who is right and who is wrong
We could maybe rather talk about what we would like to create together
And focus more on that

I am not saying that because of the fluidity of truth
And the plasma like quality of reality
Everything is relative
On the contrary

Everything matters
Every thought matters
Every dream matters
Every action matters
Every spoken word matters
Every opinion matters

Because all that contributes to the creation of this reality
Which means that we all have a responsibility
You being alive means you are a contributor
A co-creator
A fellow manifestor of this reality we are all part of

So, use that creativity and manifesting quality
By taking responsibility
Be impeccable with your words
Be impeccable with your actions
Be impeccable with your thoughts

Be precise in what you desire and what you dream of
Be careful what you wish for
You are much more powerful than you think
Learn how to use your power wisely
Start with paying attention to your thoughts
Pay attention to your dreams
Discipline your imagination
It’s the most powerful tool you have

Sanne Burger


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