The next revolution comes from within

Sanne Burger

24 January 2020

If people would wake up to the truth
It would lead to a mass revolution
If people would realize
how their very obedience has actually destroyed them
If they would realize how they have been used, suppressed, manipulated and lied to
They would storm the hospitals, the city halls and the banks
En masse

You have been used
It is devastating to realize that your obedience, your willingness to adapt, your efforts to be a good citizen, have been used against you
When the doctor prescribed you his medicine, you believed he knew what he was doing, right?
You did as he said
Because you thought this would protect you and your loved ones against disease, suffering and pain
While the truth is the other way around

You have been lied to
Once you realize your mother died because she received the wrong treatment
It was not necessary for her to suffer like that
Your father withered away in a mental hospital
not because of his mental problems
but because of the pills they forced him to take
Your children suffer of allergies, psychological disorders and nightmares
Because of what you were told they needed
You will be appalled

You have been poisoned
When you think about the hell you have been through yourself
By taking those anti-depressants, anxiety killers and hormones the doctor gave you
Without telling you how addictive and sickening they were
Without telling you they would most likely destroy you
When you realize all this
Something deep within you will be stirred

You have been manipulated
When you think about the introduction of mobile phones and iPads
How your children are losing their social skills
How they get addicted to these little dopamine injections they get
during their ever prolonged screen time
When you realize this is how they are being drilled into little soldiers
Obedient citizens
When you realize all this is done knowingly
Everything will change

They have tried to break your spirit
When you realize your ex and so many friends are alcoholics
Because they were told it is fine
It is cool
When you realize their spirits were broken on purpose
You will start to wonder

When you discover that what they told you is healthy for you to eat
Is actually crap
That they have fed you a diet that weakens you
That makes you heavy and dumb
In order to keep you powerless
You will feel annoyed

You have been brainwashed
When you remember how your brother came back from Iraq, Afghanistan or some other war
How he was traumatized for life
Brainwashed by the military
Into believing war is good for something
You will start to doubt

You have been shamed
When you think about how sex has been demonized
While it is the most playful, healthy, sweet, healing energy on the planet
When you think about sexual abuse, pornography, prostitution, rape and human trafficking
And realize all this was organized knowingly
In order to spread guilt and shame amongst the people
In order to disconnect you from your very life source
To strip you from every possible spark of joy
You will feel deprived

They killed your whistle blowers
When you realize your whistle blowers have been ridiculed and killed
When you understand the bravest amongst you
Those who stood up first
And said the emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes
Those who pointed out what was wrong in society, in politics, in religion, in health care
Were silenced in the creepiest ways
Using the law to invoke injustice, not justice
When you realize how they took Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning
and so many others
You will eventually be outraged

They have taken God out of man
If you realize how they have taken God out of man, and woman
How they convinced us that we have no divinity in us
How they brainwashed us into believing that we live isolated lives
in a cold universe
That we are the only conscious life forms
If you realize how they lied to us about our origins
If you become aware of the damage they did to our brains
You will be outraged

You have been poisoned
Eventually, when the truth dawns upon you
You will no longer put the blame where it doesn’t belong
You will stop blaming yourself
Or your parents
Or your so called dysfunction or weaknesses
Or the fact you couldn’t stop taking those pills
Or the fact you couldn’t stop smoking or drinking
You will understand all this was done on purpose
That’s what these substances were for
They were meant to cripple you
They were meant to break your spirit
The stronger the spirit, the stronger the poison

You have been separated from nature on purpose
You have been taken out of the woods, the fields and the mountains on purpose
You have been locked into a prison, which is your own house
You even carry around the key yourself
That’s how brainwashed you are
You think you want to sit inside these four walls
Watching life on a screen
While you don’t live yourself
You watch the news as if that’s life happening
That’s not life happening!
That’s what keeps you from living!

You have been scared into submission
You have no permission to roam into the wild anymore
And you take this for granted
Your don’t let your children play outside anymore
You have been told it is dangerous
Dangerous predators
Dangerous plants
Dangerous insects
Dangerous soil
Dangerous bacteria
Dangerous climate
You have been made afraid of your own nature
The fences, doors, walls, roads, parking lots, ware houses, shopping malls
They are not there to make your life more easy
They are there to keep you away from nature

Why is it forbidden to roam in nature?
Because that would make you happy!

We love our heroes
We love Bob Marley
We love Nelson Mandela
The first revolutionairs
But as long as only a few people become heroes
Nothing will ever change
We all need to become heroes
We all need to storm the palace
We all need to raise our fists and demand change

We want to belong
Our biggest strength is also our biggest weakness
Once it is used against us
We are social creatures by nature
We want to belong
We want to be included
We don’t want to stand out
We need to be part of a group
We need to be loved and accepted
And we would do anything for it

This is our biggest weakness
We are perishing because of our adaptability
We would even betray our own instincts, our very nature
to adapt to the crowd
We would do whatever is necessary to not be excluded
Because exclusion means death

The biggest scam of all
And that might be the biggest scam of all
The fear of death, that has been installed in us
When we were still children
When our minds were like empty slates
When we were still gullible
When we still trusted the people who explained the world to us
Those people, who told us there is nothing after death
Or worse, that there would be hell after death
If you didn’t follow the rules
Those people did a lot of damage
Willingly or not

The war is within ourselves
These modern days
The war is not on the battlefield anymore
The war is within ourselves
It is in our heads, our hearts and our bodies
The war has been internalized
You, as a human being, have been penetrated by war
Your mind has become a weapon of mass destruction
Your heart has become a weapon of mass destruction
Your body has become a weapon of mass destruction

Your mind is at war
As soon as you lose the capacity to think independently
To distinguish
To discern
To have original thought
As soon as you notice your thoughts keep running in a loep
Or they are constantly pushing you down
Making you feel crap about yourself and the world
You know your mind is at war
Your mind has been overtaken by the invisible enemy

Your soul is at war
As soon as you don’t know what you feel anymore
You know your feelings have been hijacked
As soon as your body no longer is a hypersensitive tool
Capable to instantly discern what is right and what is wrong
When your body has become a burden instead
A painful obstacle
Or a numb weight
You know the war has entered your body

The modern warfare
These attacks on the human psyche, the human soul and the human body are the modern warfare
You are no longer being forced with guns, fascism or concentration camps
They don’t have to anymore
They have developed and refined their weapons
They are much subtler now
And much closer
They are within you

Mass suicide
They make you hurt yourself
So they don’t have to do it anymore
They make you kill yourself
So they don’t have to kill you anymore
That’s cheaper and more convenient
For them
They aim for a mass suicide
To clean up space for them

This is a very personal revolution
This is the most internal, intimate, private revolution, that has ever taken place
This is about me, my feelings and my thoughts
This is about me and my body, soul and spirit

The choices that I make
This revolution is about what I choose to eat
What I choose to do
What I choose to believe
How I choose to react
How my daily life looks like
How I sleep
How I dream
How I educate myself
How I medicate myself
How I develop myself
How I entertain myself
How I protect myself
How I express myself
How I relate to others
How I connect
How I make love
How I give
How I receive
How I ask for help
How I take care of my body
How I take care of myself
How I take care of others

How do I cope?
This revolution is about how I cope with fear
How I cope with anger
How I cope with guilt
How I cope with sorrow and loss
How I cope with worry
How I cope with limitations
How I cope with dishonesty
How I cope with lies
How I cope with punishment
How I forgive

How strong am I?

This revolution is about how I give birth to my children
How I raise my children
How I educate my children
What I feed my children
Whom I turn to for guidance and advice

This revolution is about what I believe
This revolution is about my level of honesty
My level of courage
My level of integrity
My physical, emotional and mental health
This revolution is about what I believe to be true
What I recognize as truth
What I recognize as lies

This revolution is about taking back my power
This is a very personal revolution
And at the same time, it’s the biggest revolution that ever occurred to mankind
They made a big mistake
they underestimated us
They underestimated the power of the people
They underestimated the power of love
They underestimated the power of our minds
The power of our souls
The power of our bodies

We will rise together
This time, the revolution will come from within
And it will be final


Sanne Burger


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