Stepping stones

Sanne Burger

21 May 2020

Crossing the river has never been as wild as now. Paradigms are being crushed, the ground is crumbling under your feet, while the other side is not in sight yet. You need stepping stones, points of reference, while you are crossing this river of madness. Beware, though. Once you step onto the first stone, there is no way back. It will get crazy, beyond your wildest imagination, but it’s worth it. It’s beautiful on the other side, and you have help. Lots of good swimmers around.

Imagine each stepping stone as a flat, round surface, a bit bigger than your two feet. Once you have managed to jump, step or crawl on it, you have time to rest, to realize where you are, look around and get ready for the next step. It might happen you fall off. That’s okay, as long as you don’t drown.

Step 1: The 1,5 meter rule is sheer nonsense. It’s a proven fact you do not protect yourself or any one else from getting a virus through social distancing.

Step 2: Mouth caps are nonsense. You do not protect yourself or any one else from getting a virus through wearing mouth caps.

Step 3: Washing your hands: nonsense.

Step 4: Testing for Covid-19 is useless. It doesn’t work. Papayas and goats test positive. Most people get tested positive, because viruses are part of the bodily system. You only get sick of a virus when your immune system or surroundings are compromised.

Step 5: The numbers are wrong. First because the tests don’t work, second because they have upped the numbers by lying and reporting sick and dead people as Covid-19 victims, while they weren’t.

Step 6: Vaccines don’t work. The narrative that vaccines are the solution for this pandemic is a marketing stunt, a mind control technique. A lie. You will not be saved by a vaccine.

Step 7: What you are being told by the mainstream media, as well as what you hear from the government, is untrue. It’s part of a narrative that is meant to scare you, submit you and make you accept measures that you would otherwise never, ever agree with.

Step 8: You are victim of a divide and conquer strategy, an information war, a mind control program that is much bigger, deeper and darker than you have realized so far.

Step 9: Everyone you thought you could trust: mainstream media, the government and the medics in charge, is in on the scam.

Step 10: Your education system is not designed to educate you, but to dumb you down, force you into submission and make you an obedient citizen.

Step 11: The truth is withheld from you from the very start of your life. The truth about society, about your body, mind and soul, about how the world is organized, about who is in charge; it all has been withheld from the people for many generations.

Step 12: You are living in a world of lies. Your mind is hypnotized, your heart is numbed and your body is weakened. All this is done on purpose and it’s not your fault. This is done to you.

Step 13: Nothing is what it seems, but the good news is: there is a way out. The truth is out there, for everybody to know.

Step 14: You don’t remember your origins, you don’t know who you are and you have no idea of your potential, because your memory has been messed with – on purpose.

Step 15: You are held in a constant state of hypnosis by forces that feed of your life force.

Step 16: You are not alone on this planet. Many other life forms walk around here as well.

Step 17: There are many highly evolved civilisations in the universe, much more ethical and intelligent than you and with a much more advanced technology.

Step 18: There is no death. You are an immortal being, made of love.

Almost there. Just one little step and then you can set foot on the other shore. Here it comes:

Step 19: You were never lost. You were always loved. You never did anything wrong. You were always free. You were never powerless. You were just made to believe otherwise. And this journey is your wake up call.

Sanne Burger


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