Scream it out!

Sanne Burger

3 August 2021

We incarnated on planet earth because we want to FEEL
We want to feel alive!
The more intense the pain
The more intense the joy
The more we feel alive
Truly alive!
We love drama
We dig it
The more drama, the better

This is the drama planet of the universe
Just to incarnate here in such an extremely vulnerable body
That can succumb to the violence of nature any moment
Who made that up?
And then this intense need for love
That we cannot get enough of
That makes us travel far and wide
That makes us do anything
And of which we are so afraid to lose it

And then the anger
The outcry
The rage
When things don’t work out the way we want
And then the entitlement
That self righteous human character
That makes us think that we have the right to push everyone and everything around
Oh, and the fear
The fear of loss
The fear of pain
The fear of death

Don’t tell me you try to rise above all this
That’s just not true
You are here because you want to experience it all!
What spiritual wannabe ever came up with the idea that we are here to overcome our emotions?
That’s worse than becoming celibate!
No sex is maybe doable, but no emotions?
If you strive for that you are crazy
Then you don’t know what it means to be human

Just admit it
You are here to experience the whole specter of emotions
As intense as possible
You create the drama in your life yourself
Because you enjoy it
Your biggest fear is that nothing is happening
That everything is fine
That your life unfolds harmonically and peacefully
Your biggest fear is to be bored to death
Your biggest fear is a complete lack of adventure
You rather mess up your life completely
Leaving the love of your life
Quitting your job
Making mistakes
Being unreliable and unpredictable
Throwing yourself into the unknown
Slowly destroying yourself
So you can taste every little part of it
Enjoying your bleeding heart
The suffering and the despair

We created this crisis together
We were done with the complacency of modern society
No one in danger
Nothing to do
Nothing to learn
Nothing to experience
That ain’t life, is it?

Come on, let’s mess it up again, we said
And so it happened
We wanted it to get out of hand
And we managed
At least something is happening now
Can it get a bit worse, please?
This is nothing yet, right?

Come on, be honest
Don’t pretend as if you are as spiritual as the Buddha
Or that you ever aspired that
Don’t pretend you prefer to sit meditating under a tree
Don’t pretend you ever want to become enlightened
Don’t pretend you’re not hooked on drama
Blood, sweat and tears
Sperm and battle
Of course you are!
You are human!

Embrace it
Finally, embrace it
Don’t deny it any longer
Life is a big drama
And you’re loving it
You’re not scared of drama at all
Emotions are what you live for
You do everything to have as much of it as possible
And that’s how it’s supposed to be

Scream it out
Throw yourself on the floor
Tear the clothes off your body
Put your nails in your chest
Until it bleeds
Feel the loss of love
Feel the fear of death
Feel the cold loneliness you are in
Break in a thousand pieces
See the injustice
See the unnecessary suffering
Stop hiding
You are unfaithful if you do that
Unfaithful towards what you came to do here
You came here to FEEL

Feel what they are doing to you
Feel how lost the children are
Feel the cramp in the people on the street
Drink the useless violence as if it were wine
Look into the empty eyes of that stranger
Feel how it chills you to the bone
See how humanity is dying
See how the curse is spreading
See the darkness in bright daylight

Confront yourself with your laziness
Your cowardice
Your conformism
Your apathy
Your hypocrisy
Your lost dreams
Your self pity
Your resignation
Your submissiveness
Your dishonesty
Your lack of courage
Your lack of fire
Your lack of power
Your lack of truth
Your lack of involvement

Die a thousand deaths
As long as you live
Feel the regret
Feel the shame
Feel the desire
Feel the pain
Remember why you are here
This is why you are here

Sanne Burger

Picture: Yoad Shejtman (Tel Aviv)


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