How spirituality supports suppression

Sanne Burger

8 August 2021

There are several beliefs within the spiritual community that are actually not healthy or supportive of the truth at all. They might be true statements but they are completely out of context and therefore very misleading. This phenomenon is called ‘lying with the truth’.

These beliefs are as follows:

1. Everything is perfect as it is

Yes, that might be the case but only if you look at it from an eagle’s perspective. Only if you really zoom out and look at it from a perspective so broad that nothing really matters anymore. A perspective where things just come and go, where everything blossoms and die, in which even human suffering is happening in the blink of an eye, as they say in Hinduism: ‘Civilisations come and go while Shiva just blinks his eyes.’ To say that everything is perfect as it is, is actually extremely cruel, because it plays down the very real suffering that people go through.

2. You create your own life

This phrase is used to blame people and make them feel as if everything is their fault. ‘If you suffer, it’s your own fault.’ Yes, of course we have a responsibility for and an influence on our life. Our choices do make a difference in the quality of our lives. We can learn how to master our actions, thoughts and feelings, so there is definitely truth in this statement. However, this phrase can also be used against you, in the sense that it can be used as an accusation.

If you are not happy with the circumstances, like for example with the current changing laws, the demonising of free people, the abuse of children, the lies of governments, the damage that is being done, then you really can’t say: you created this yourself. No, this is something that is happening. I didn’t create this! My freedom lies in how I deal with it, not accusing myself or others for creating it, based on a completely misplaced sense of self importance. This negative ego trip only creates guilt, shame and anxiety, which is not helpful in any way.

3. If you think about it, you make it stronger

Energy goes where attention flows. This is true. However, if I think about how I am going to protect my children against forced vaccination, or if I think about how to stay safe and healthy under the pressure of the current circumstances, or if I prepare for the upcoming food shortages, that doesn’t mean that I contribute to it or are somehow responsible when it really happens. It only means that I am realistic. This statement is very cruel as well. It gives people a false sense of responsibility that is actually trauma based. For example, many children feel responsible for their parents’ divorce. They blame themselves and think it is because they weren’t sweet, quiet or helpful enough. They blame themselves for the failure and suffering of their parents. And this so called spiritual statement is actually activating that misplaced feeling of responsibility. You feel guilty for what the government is doing. Yes, our thoughts are powerful, but that doesn’t mean that thinking about what’s wrong in the world increases that wrong. On the contrary! Not thinking about it and only focusing on love and light will actually enable the injustice and destruction to go on. You are looking away because you are afraid that just thinking about it will increase it. This belief leads to a weird form of inertia, where people believe it is spiritual to deny injustice and not do anything about it.

4. You have to keep your frequency high

Yes, of course, but that doesn’t mean you should look away from the facts! It doesn’t mean either you are not allowed to have emotions like sadness, anger, outrage or even fear! Emotions exist to inform you of the situation. There is definitely righteous anger and appropriate sadness. There are moments that you should be afraid, because your life is in danger, or the life of your loved ones. Emotions help you to take action and to make the right choices, to protect your own freedom, health and life and that of your loved ones, for example your children. Many people interpret ‘keep your frequency high’ as: don’t feel. Don’t be angry, don’t be sad, don’t allow your emotions to come up, because then you will be low vibe, and that is not spiritual. While actually, not feeling righteous anger when we face injustice makes us losing our humanity, makes us weird, insensitive and even cruel.

5. Everybody should do whatever they want. I respect everybody’s choice.

‘Who am I to judge?’ spiritual people tend to say. ‘I can’t know what is right for the other person.’ No! If people cooperate with genocide, if people are not willing to research and choose to look away while the world is falling apart, I do not respect that! Since when is having a clear opinion not spiritual? Since when has discernment become a crime? People who put themselves or their children in danger, people who are violent towards themselves or others, should be confronted! This is absolutely not okay and no, I don’t agree these people should do whatever they want. They need to be stopped! I do not respect their choices! I think they are stupid and irresponsible!

6. We should not polarize

This phrase is used to silence everybody who is against anything. You fight for your freedom? That means you polarize, because now you are against those people who are willing to give up their freedom. That’s not spiritual. What? You bet I am against giving up my freedom! You refuse to get injected with poison? Oh, now you are polarizing, because now you are against those who do. Guess what? I am! Walking the middle path doesn’t mean being spineless or not having an opinion. The truth sits in the middle and is waiting for those who have the guts to defend her.

7. Everything happens for a reason. If it happens, it’s meant to be.

Yes, true. But in the spiritual scene this truth is used as a justification for injustice, mistake, failure, neglect, inertia and stupidity. Rape is not meant to be. Abuse is not meant to be. Genocide is not meant to be. Being manipulated into self destruction due to a lack of information is not meant to be. Yes, everything has a reason, and sometimes the reason is that you have to grow a pair of balls, instead of hiding behind a spiritual cliché. Own your mistakes and learn from them. Do something about it! Only then they have meaning.

8. Go with the flow

Only dead fish go with the flow! ‘Go with the flow’ is maybe the most misinterpreted truth of them all. With ‘the flow’ we mean LIFE, people, not the media manipulated direction of the masses, nor the instructions of our governments, nor the mainstream narrative. ‘Go with the flow’ is used as a spiritual, nice sounding excuse to be passive, to let things happen, to not take action or responsibility for your life, while the opposite is meant by it! We are talking about the flow of LIFE here. The flow of TRUTH. The flow of God, the flow of light, not the mud flow induced by psychopaths, hypnotising humanity into self destruction.

I learned ages ago that the new age movement was installed by the CIA in the sixties, when the church was losing power. They needed a new religion, opium for the people, especially for those people who were too intuitive to accept pseudo science as their new religion. It all makes sense now. The new age has dumbed down and pacified a whole generation. They think they are peaceful, but in fact they have become passive and useless, hypnotised by spiritual cliches that sound good but lead to nothing. What we call the spiritual movement is not an awakening, but a lullaby. If you deny the darkness, if you deny that things can go wrong, you are part of the problem and not spiritual at all.

Let’s erase the word ‘spirituality’ from our vocabulary completely. It has been abused too much. It doesn’t contain any value anymore.

Sanne Burger


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