Rain invocation

Sanne Burger

17 September 2021

Every day I carry my tears to nature
It does not matter what kind of nature
It can be a stream, a river or the sea
It can be a mountain top, a forest
A rock or a tree

My tears are patient
They wait until I have arrived
Before they come

As long as I am busy
As long as I am working
As long as I am making myself useful
As long as I am entertaining other people
As long as I am behaving
As long as I am occupied
They wait

They sit quietly
Somewhere deep, hidden in my heart
But as soon as I have found my spot in nature
They come naturally
I cry without sound
Tears stream down my face and I don’t know why
It is not important why

They are not personal tears
They are tears about loss
Tears about sorrow
Tears about the world
Tears about death
Tears about droughts

It always stops naturally
It never takes long
And in fact, it feels really pleasant

I need that ritual
It is the main reason for my daily walks
Sometimes I forget and I skip them for a few days
Because I think I am too busy
But in fact, there is nothing more important
Than bringing my tears to nature

Because if I don’t
The rains will not come in autumn
And if I do
They will

They will fill up the riverbeds
The streams will flow again
And the water will nourish the land
Just like my tears
Nourish my soul

I am the land
The land is me
I am the water
The water is me

Sanne Burger


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