Watching the day go by

Sanne Burger

22 September 2021

Is it strange that in order to be part of the day
I prefer to do nothing
To see no one
And to go nowhere?

I prefer to get up before sunrise
So I can go out and sit outside quietly
In my favourite spot
A place where nobody disturbs me
And where I have the best view

I want to sit there
Wrapped in a shawl
Hot mug of coffee between my hands
Dogs at my feet
Cats on the table
And watch the sun rise over the mountain ridge

I love to watch the edge of the darkness slowly pulling back
I love to behold the wonder of the sun rays flooding the valley
Filling it with a golden light
Until the shadows have nowhere to hide anymore
And disappear where I can’t see them

I love to feel how the day begins
To sense the shift in energy
There is always such a joy in the air in the morning
The sheer joy of being alive
I can hear the chirping of the birds
The buzz of the bees in the pepper tree

The old man who lives a bit further down the road
Passes by in his rattling truck
He lifts his hand in a greeting
Aimed at no one in particular
As he cannot see me
His truck leaves a long trail of dust on the road
As he disappears out of sight
I like him
He is a familiar mark in the day

I can feel the energy of the day building up
I can feel it within myself
I suddenly feel like chopping wood
Cleaning the fire place
Lifting heavy things
Working in the garden
Making new paths

This is not doing something
This is just letting the morning energy flow through me
It is completely effortless
Actually, it would be more effort not doing it

And then around noon
When the sun has reached its highest peak
When the heat has become so intense, it is almost intoxicating
Millions of insects are buzzing
This is the best part of the day for them
But the rest of us is slowing down
It is too hot to move

And then in the afternoon
I can feel how everything is going quiet
I lay down under a tree and enjoy the shadows
Playing through the canopy
Creating new patterns all the time
Everyone and everything is resting
Surrendering to the embrace of Father Sun

Then, when the afternoon ends and slowly invites the evening in
The rhythm changes again
A slow dance is appearing
All living creatures rise from their slumber
The humans start preparing for dinner
I enjoy being part of this ritual
I bring fresh tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and salad from the garden
Figs and pomegranates from the trees on the hill
I enjoy this slow dance
I move graciously with the cool evening breeze
Enjoying the relief of the heat

After dinner I water the plants
And when the sunset is approaching
I make sure to find my spot again
I don’t want to miss the ever changing colours
The soft orange, pink and violet
I want to be part of every shade

The evening sky looks different every night
And whilst the sun sets
The edge of darkness slowly creeps up the mountains
Whilst the shadows crawl out of their hiding places
The colours gradually dim
Nature goes quiet

The old trucker passes by again
He is on his way home
The sound of his truck is comforting
I am sure he raises his hand again
But it’s too dark to see

I am part of how the day slowly turns to night
How a blanket of peace and quiet lays itself over the earth
How every animal wraps itself in its little nest, cave or hole
Except of course the nocturnal creatures
Who only appear now
My cats nestle in their secret spots
My dogs roll up in their baskets
As close to me as possible

I listen to the sounds of the evening
Waiting for the hoot of the owl
Hoo… hooooooo…
She never disappoints

The world is going to sleep
This is what we have homes for
I feel how my body responds to the silence as well
How it slowly, slowly turns inward
Until it is time for me to go rest as well
And move to the other side

And then the next day
When I return from my dreams
When I return from my adventures in the astral planes
I want to experience it all again
From sunrise to sunset
Because there is such a beauty, wholeness and magic in the process
In fact, the only thing I aspire in life on earth
Is to experience this to the fullest
Every day again

I don’t want to do
I just want to be
Is that strange?

Sanne Burger


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