Let’s talk about money

Sanne Burger

15 January 2021

Hi guys, how are you all holding up financially?
I noticed that actually nobody talks about this topic, so I thought I’d give it some thought

As the economy is kind of crashing as we speak
And so many people have to close their businesses
As many people are losing their job
I can imagine that some of you are in trouble, but might be afraid to talk about it

I saw a Facebook post by a 21 year old guy, who had just quit his job
He couldn’t play the game anymore, he wrote, so he quit
Something very understandable, especially during these crazy times, right?
He asked whether somebody knew about a place where he could live for a few weeks or so
He sounded brave, polite and kind
But boy, did he get scoffed
He got some really nasty replies
‘You should be ashamed of yourself!’
‘How dare you lean on other people like this?’
‘Get a job, you lazy ass!’

To me, this guy is a hero
I am so proud of him!
Here’s a guy who stands up for his principles
A guy who stands for what is important to him
A guy who doesn’t put his financial security first, but his values
I love that!

I know, many people work for the government, or for big companies
They work from home, these days
Their salary is secured
They get paid every month on the same date
They are not in financial trouble at all
At least not for now
Maybe that’s why they can’t imagine how hard it is for many others?

I actually know quite a few people who are struggling financially, right now
I know too, there is a lot of shame around this topic
There is a lot of shame about being poor
There is a lot of shame about being in debt
There is a lot of shame around not being able to get by
To somehow not being able to make a living
To be an independent human being
To pay the rent, the bills, your health insurance, your children’s education, your mortgage, your car, your pills
All those things, which are considered so very important
And it is taboo speaking about failing
Often, there seems to be no sympathy for people who don’t manage to live up to society’s conditions
Often, people express condemnation and judgment
As if it’s always a matter of laziness, stupidity or irresponsibility
People can turn very nasty very quickly, when their financial security is being threatened
They won’t hesitate excluding those who might rock their boat

People who are in financial trouble, often are ashamed
That’s why they don’t talk about it
But right now, if you have lost your job, if you had to close your business, your restaurant, your café, your yoga school or your private practice
It is not your fault!
Please, don’t be ashamed
It is not your fault

How ironic, that for example the prime minister of Holland still earns 9000 euros a month, while him and his mates plunge the country into poverty
How ironic, that Bill Gates has increased his wealth with a few billion last year
While I can’t even imagine what one billion is
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer
Also, or maybe especially, under the influence of this pandemic
In my humble opinion, this is no coincidence
This is exactly how it was planned

If you look at China, you might look at our future
In China, the banking system, AI and governmental control work happily together
If you don’t follow the rules, you don’t get paid
AI just closes your account, until you have paid the fine, done the job, aborted that child or followed other rules
Is this where we are heading?

In Holland, the country where I come from, people get fired when they refuse to get tested
People are really scared of losing their job, if they refuse to get vaccinated
Of course, the narrative is: when you don’t get vaccinated as a nurse, a doctor, a health worker, a prostitute or whatever, you are a health hazard to other people
This is not true
You are not contagious if you have no symptoms
And most likely, you are not contagious if you do have symptoms, either
But that’s a whole different discussion
Let’s stick to the money, for now

I think it’s very relevant today to ask yourself the question: what would I do?
If it becomes mandatory to get a vaccine, or otherwise you will lose your job, what would you do?
This is a completely different question than asking: Would I get a vaccine, if this would protect my health, or that of others?
Do you realize, most people follow the measures, wear the mouth caps, keep their distance, stay home, not because they are afraid of the virus, but because they are afraid of the fines?
The real question here is: are you willing to get a vaccine, without knowing whether it works or not, in order to not lose your job?
Many people will say: Yes, give me the vaccine
I don’t care whether it works or not
I don’t care what the risks are
I don’t care what agenda is behind it
Actually, I don’t want to know, because right now, I cannot afford to lose my job

Do you understand they got you by the balls?
How is this Catch 22 situation any different from slavery?
You have become a slave of the system
You have become completely dependent on the money system
They can make you do whatever they want

What if, in the near future, you will not get social security money either, if you have lost your job because you refused to get vaccinated?
They might say: it is your own fault, so you are not entitled to get any help from the government
What if you only have the right to get social security money, or a basic income, when you accept to be vaccinated?
What if you don’t get access to a bank, a hospital, the doctor’s office, a school, a supermarket or any other public place, if you don’t have a vaccine passport?

This might be a good moment to stop and think about it
Talk about it with your friends
Where do you stand in this matter?
Ask your friends how they are doing
Are they struggling, financially or otherwise?
Don’t assume everybody is fine, because nobody talks about it
Many people are too ashamed to talk about the shit they’re in
Most suffering is under the surface
Most poverty is invisible
That’s what’s become of our society
Being in trouble has become something to be ashamed of

Do it
Ask your friends whether they are okay
Call your family and ask how you can help
Ask your neighbor, whether she can still afford her groceries
Reach out to others
Also, when you are in trouble yourself
Reach out

I know, that’s the hardest part
You are afraid of being judged
But please, do it nevertheless
Be courageous
Let us know
Tell your friends
Tell your family
Swallow your pride
Ask for help, if you need it

We must learn how to trust one another again
Because if we don’t, we become too vulnerable
If we are all fighting alone, without uniting, we are too easy a prey for the control system
Which is on the verge of taking over this world

So, please, answer me
I ask you again
How are you doing financially?

Be generous, my friends
But have clear boundaries too
Stand your ground
Trust your instinct
Open your heart
Protect the weak and innocent
But also, be kind to yourself
Learn how to give without losing yourself
Learn how to receive without losing your dignity
We can do this
Together we stand strong

Sanne Burger

Illustration: Pattypat Art


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