How to unplug from the matrix

Sanne Burger

2 October 2022


What a marvelous movie ‘The Matrix’ is. In 1998 the word ‘matrix’ didn’t mean anything to most people and neither did the word ‘unplug’. But then the movie came out, in 1999, with a smashing impact on human consciousness. Suddenly spirituality, computer games, mind power, hard action, loyalty and faith melted together into a story that really brought the message home:

Human, you are trapped. You are being harvested by AI for your energy. You are bred and held in pods, while your mind is plugged into a fake matrix. Your life force is sucked out of your body by numerous plugs, while you think you are living your life.

A whole generation responded to it with awe and recognition. Yes, we did feel trapped, all right. Of course, it all sounded farfetched and unreal and maybe it was just an allegory, but the feeling the movie conveyed was incredibly real. The feeling of being trapped and the ensuing urge to break free, to no longer be subdued and enslaved, to truly and fully start living, grew into an ever so strong driving force in the consciousness of man, a massive power to be reckoned with.

When Neo is liberated and wakes up in the real world – not such a pretty one – the first thing he says is: ‘My eyes hurt’, to which Morpheus responds: ‘That’s because you have never used them.’ Keanu Reeves is said to have stated in an interview: ‘In truth, The Matrix was a documentary.’

These days, 24 years later, the matrix has become a conscious reality for most people. The choice Neo was facing: Do you take the red pill or the blue pill?  has become everybody’s choice. Do you want to stay in the matrix, or do you want to leave and live a real life? Are you okay with being plugged into a system that sucks the life out of you, or are you longing to claim your freedom and dignity and liberate yourself from such an insulting and sad existence? And if the latter applies to you – if you’d say: of course I take the red pill – then how would you proceed?

Maybe we are all in the process of unplugging. Some are already out, some are almost out, some are well on their way and some have just begun. And maybe some of us would be glad to get some help. If you belong to the last group and would like some help, then the list below may be helpful.


How to unplug from the matrix?


    1. Know that you can. Believe in yourself. State on paper, on screen or out loud, with or without witnesses: I know that I can unplug from the matrix and I will.
    2. Make unplugging from the matrix your first priority. Decide that from now on nothing will be more important than unplugging from the matrix.
    3. Realize that when you unplug from the matrix, this will not only benefit yourself, but your loved ones and humanity as a whole as well.
    4. Unplug from social media: delete your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, Youtube, etc. account, or limit the time you spend on it to such a degree that it doesn’t drain you anymore.
    5. Stop watching Netflix and the like, TV and ‘the news’ all together, or again, limit it to such a degree that it doesn’t drain you anymore.
    6. Stop or limit reading newspapers, if you haven’t done that already.
    7. Go to your contact list (on your phone or elsewhere) and remove anyone with whom you don’t have a real connection or who, some way or another, drains or damages you. These are Mr. Smiths. You have no responsibility towards them whatsoever, except when they are your kids.
    8. Remove all the photos, videos and games from your phone and computer that you either don’t use or know are draining you.
    9. Investigate your relationships: which ones are draining you or making you feel unhappy, and which ones are nourishing and empowering you? Let go of the first group, hold on to the latter.
    10. Investigate your food intake: which foods make you feel healthy and energized, and which foods make you feel heavy, tired and unhealthy? Hold on to the first group, let go of the latter. In general: eat more fruits and greens and drink more water.
    11. Investigate whether you have addictions: coffee, sugar, food, fat, salt, sex, alcohol, tobacco, weed, drugs, medicine, adrenaline, stress, drama, etc. Let them all go. If you can’t do it alone, seek help. Addictions don’t serve you, they serve the matrix. There is always help.
    12. Be honest about your work. What does it give you? Does it contribute anything worthwhile to the world and to your life? Does it inspire you? If not, start looking for another job, or just quit altogether, if circumstances allow it, and see what’s next.
    13. Be honest about your home situation. Are you happy where you live? Are you happy with the ones you share your home with? If not, start looking to make a change.
    14. Investigate your fears. What do you fear the most? Become aware of your fears. Find ways to deal with them and release them.
    15. Investigate your habits and patterns. Do they serve you? If not, change them.
    16. Investigate your beliefs. Which beliefs make you feel strong and happy, ready to take on the world? Which beliefs make you feel weak and insecure, hesitant about doing anything? Feed the first group, starve the latter.
    17. Investigate your traumas. Find ways to heal your wounds and retrieve the lost parts of your soul. Become whole again.
    18. Identify where and when you still feel a victim of circumstances, people or conditions. Challenge yourself to find a way to end this feeling of victimhood. This is an important tool to unplug.
    19. Learn how to say ‘no’. Say ‘no’ to everyone who doesn’t respect you or who crosses your boundaries. Say ‘no’ to anything that drains you or makes you feel miserable. Always.
    20. Be your own authority. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are or what you should do. Bathe in the wisdom and support of your fellow brothers and sisters, but never give your power away.
    21. Be cautious with spreading yourself sexually. Know that your sexual energy is sacred and treat it accordingly. Don’t let AI feast on it.
    22. Investigate your self-image. Learn to see yourself as a sovereign, strong, powerful, creative being, because that’s who you really are. Feeling weak and incompetent is a program by the matrix that you need to get rid of.
    23. Cultivate your ability to set real goals, aligned with the universe, and to reach them by fully focusing your energy on it and persevere until it’s done. Strengthen your backbone.
    24. Be accountable. Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions. Admit your mistakes, don’t blame others, don’t be defensive when confronted and stand for who your are.
    25. Throw away or give away clothes, furniture, books, papers and all the other stuff you don’t use and that just occupy space. It may even be cars, bikes, kitchens, work gear, computers, phones, houses – anything that weighs you down. Stop being possessive or attached to material things. They don’t mean anything.
    26. Go into nature as much as you can. Reconnect with the earth and let her nourish you. Nature is real. The matrix is fake.
    27. Make an effort to seek out and connect with like minded people. Join forces. Together we are invincible.
    28. Investigate. Ask questions. Find answers. Learn methods. Gather tools to unplug. Evolve. Grow. Seek help. Dream big. Never give up.


Sanne Burger


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