Bread and games

Sanne Burger

10 November 2020

I turned my back on politics decades ago. Early in life, I realized that politics are merely a distraction. ‘Panem et circenses’, bread and games for the people, like in ancient Greek times. Left and right, two wings of the same bird. The real body of power, invisible behind the screen – the television, the campaigns, this person debating with that person – while in the meantime rolling out its wicked agenda.

Fake faces
Ridiculous amounts of money are spent on the presidential election campaigns in the USA, but it is pretty bad everywhere else too, like here in Holland. Candidates are just an attempt to give a face to certain concepts and to give people a false sense of power and belonging, by giving them a vote in the elections. Despite the fact it doesn’t make any difference, people jump on it anyway and vote for this or that person, presented to them by the corrupt media and power mongers. There is no freedom in this system at all. There are only 2 or 3 people to choose from and they never represent anything that is truly appealing in the sense of justice, health care, environment, etcetera. Politics to me, is just a system of suppression and enslavement.

I hardly ever voted in my life. The few times I did, was because a friend urged me, saying otherwise my vote would go to the biggest party. I voted as far left as possible, because to me the main problem in society was and still is money, capitalism and materialism. I wanted a society that would help the poor, support the weak and the vulnerable, the victims of war and abuse; children, women, refugees, PTSD soldiers, old people, and so forth. To me, the left in the political arena represented true human values. Taking care of one another, not being selfish, being of service, those kinds of things. I considered starting a Buddhist party.

Black bastard
When Obama became president, I briefly changed my mind. He seemed so nice, right? A black man becoming the American president.. that had to mean something, no? There was something special about Obama. My hope got ignited. I thought: could it be that this time, being human actually had won? Could it be, that the rotten system had been overthrown? Could it be, that a real person, a good person, had stood up? Could it be, that Obama might actually change the world? This naïve hope lasted for about three months. Obama turned out to be just as corrupt as all the others. Guantanamo Bay didn’t close, as he had promised. He didn’t end any war, but started new ones. Nothing he promised during his campaign was followed up. He actually turned out to be one of the most war hungry, deceptive and vicious presidents ever. So, that was my final moment of doubt. From that moment on, my decision to never get involved in politics ever again, was definite.

Orange bastard
Yet, here I am, writing this piece. Bear with me, I will explain. Four years ago, to everybody’s utter surprise, Trump was elected. I didn’t even shrug my shoulders. Whatever, this was just a different approach. First, they put a sympathetic, hansom, eloquent, sophisticated black man in office, and now they chose the opposite: a swearing, arrogant, rude business man, not sophisticated at all. They just gave the people something else to talk about. And sure, they did. The big circus unfolded, the main hobby of most people talking about Trump and the horrible things he had said, his orange face, his hair… God, so childlike. I didn’t participate. I was stubborn. I made a conscious choice to avoid any Trump data entering my brain, as much as possible. I didn’t want to pollute myself with any political bullshit. I avoided him and the media at all costs.

And then March 2020 came
Consequently, at the beginning of this year, when the outbreak of Corona was announced by every news channel, I had only seen a few pictures of Trump. I had never heard him speak. I heard people’s strong opinions about him, but let them slide of. I wasn’t going to put energy in defining an opinion of someone who was clearly used by the elite as a distraction. Why would I put energy in something I knew was distracting me from the real deal, which was the corruption of the governments behind the scenes?

The climate hoax
I had known for quite some time that the so called climate crisis, allegedly due to an overly production of CO2 by us, the people, was a hoax. Imagine my surprise, when I found out that Trump said exactly the same thing! He didn’t deny there was a rise in temperature, but he questioned the narrative of the dangerous amount of man made CO2 that threatened the survival of the whole planet. Neither was he willing to cooperate with multinationals that offered their solution, which was mainly raising taxes and freaking people out, so they would accept a control system that was said to lessen CO2 emissions by using BBC footage of dying polar bears, with the reassuring voice over of David Attenborough, but was actually made in China. I knew there was no scientific proof to back this up at all. Hearing Trump say the same, while the media and all other politicians worldwide were covering it up, made me raise my eyebrows. It was one point for Trump. But only one, so far.

Child trafficking
Then ‘Out of the shadows’ came out, and many other documentaries and testimonials from individuals like Mel Gibson, Elijah Wood and others, exposing the widespread child trafficking rings. This was the biggest problem in the world, underneath all the distraction. Again, I just couldn’t deny the fact that the only politician who seemed to address this, was Trump. What? This really shook me. I didn’t want that! Not that distasteful ‘Grab them by the pussy’ and ‘We have the best and biggest of everything’ character! I wanted to maintain my belief that every American president is a puppet, owned by the elite and hence thoroughly corrupt. Trump had to be a puppet. I was very reluctant to change that belief. I had been disappointed before – with Obama, for example. In fact, I was deeply disappointed in every single person in power on this planet! No way, I was going to be this naïve again! It had been really depressing when I found out the truth about how elections were rigged, who financed them, how the media was owned and how we were played. The possibility that Trump was actually serious about ending child trafficking, was just to good to be true.

Corona and the not so pretty story
However, I did want to get to the bottom of this so called pandemic. The urgency of the current situation made it impossible for me to look the other way. I needed to understand what Bill Gates, Elon Musk and all the others were up to. Over time, the whole story became clear to me. The elite is desperately trying to close the net. Most of the disasters going on right now is the work of the elite. The rolling out of 5G, the Corona crisis, the media manipulation, AI, the draconian measures, the vaccination programs… it’s all the work of the elite. Just look at the vaccination programs that have been put in place in the past few decades, as an example. They are pure evil, on the same level as the cancer industry. Multinationals have the power and they don’t care about you. Money is power in this realm, and we, most of humanity, are slaves. We are the milking cows. I had known this all my life, but only this year the magnitude became clear to me. There is no successful branch that is not corrupted. There is no big politician that is not corrupted. The small ones might be, but face it: they have no real power.

So, what about Trump? Who or what is he? I don’t know! I really don’t know, because I still can’t believe what I see. But maybe it is so. Maybe, he belongs to the good guys. It is said that Trump and Qanon, the movement that put him in the position he is in, are determined to end child trafficking. They want to break the power of the Illuminati, now and forever. And let me tell you, everybody who is dedicated to that purpose, has my support.

For me, the existence of the Illuminati is a reality. If you don’t know them by now, I consider you either slow or lazy. Same with extraterrestrial life. Of course it exists. I know this is not common belief yet, but the existence of reptilians, Pleiadians, Arcturians   and countless other lifeforms that are not human, I find absolutely logical. I wouldn’t be surprised or shocked if this would come out soon, as for me it’s already part of my reality. However, what does shock me, is the likelihood that there might be a president, an American president no less, that serves the good.

Controlled opposition
I have spent many hours studying the phenomenon Qanon. I wanted to prove it was a hoax, controlled opposition to manipulate the left – or maybe not so much the left, but the spiritual, alternative scene. People like me, who had seen through the power games ages ago, who couldn’t be manipulated by elections and talk shows like Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres. People like me, who were too skeptical, cynical and maybe intelligent to be manipulated and distracted by this kind of cheap entertainment. However, for those who have woken up to the general scam, they might have made up another scam. This story would go something like, there is in fact an invisible counter movement. They call themselves Qanon. Even one of the Kennedy’s, Elvis and Lady Di play a role. Things are not what they seem. Connect the dots. Trust the process. Where we go one, we go all.’ It all sounds very romantic, heroic and appealing.

Are we being played?
Maybe we are being played. Maybe Qanon is the latest scam. Maybe, the people who look through the collective scam, are being played too. Those, who know that politicians, the media and multinationals are corrupt, are being manipulated. Those, who know we are dancing on the edge of the abyss of economic collapse, orchestrated by those who own the economy and gain from the upcoming collapse, are being led on. You can’t fool us, we believe. And maybe that’s our weak spot. We think we have nothing to lose, but we have.

Keep the faith
What we still can lose, is our faith. Faith in the possibility that the tides can turn. Faith, that one day this horror show will be over. Maybe this is the only thing left, that we can be manipulated with. Because deep down, no matter how tough and hardened you are, after so many generations of battle, no human being can agree on a control system where your soul and children are taken away, where you don’t have free will. This is a real threat and they are not even trying to hide it. We have already lost so much. We have lost so many people to the pharmaceutical industry. We have lost our parents. Parents have lost their children. There is devastating poverty and hunger all over the world. Mother Earth is being raped. Women are being raped, even when they give birth. Really, the way women give birth in hospitals nowadays is incredibly traumatizing, while at the same time it is being normalized. As if rape, abuse and suffering is normal. It’s not and it never will be!

You’ve watched too many movies
We are proud and stubborn beings, underneath our sensitivity. Therefore, we might not even want to research this. If someone tells us there is a movement that involves the military, people in high positions, people in secret services, people with great power… an organized, rebellious movement to overthrow the Illuminati… if you hear this for the first time, you laugh! You say ‘Shut up, this can’t be true. Come on man, how gullible you think I am? You have watched too many movies.’ Mr Robot, Black Mirror, Inception, V for Vendetta, Sense8, Westworld, the Matrix, just to name a few. ‘Oh, we are living in a matrix. Yeah, babe. What’s new?’ Some people went too deep into the rabbit hole – just because they could, just because all the information was out there in this new phenomenon called the world wide web. They couldn’t handle it. They didn’t make it. They got psychotic, committed suicide, withdrew in mediocrity, became an alcoholic or gave up in a different way. And yes, that is deeply sad. It’s super sad that the smartest, most intelligent, curious, caring and brave people woke up before the masses and that many of them were crushed by the weight of the deceit. Still, many others climbed out of their rabbit holes and were transformed, wiser and empowered. They reemerged like the phoenix rising from the ashes. And these people are the pioneers of this time. They will show the way.

What is real, what is not real? Time will tell.


Sanne Burger


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