You will not be remembered

Sanne Burger

25 October 2021

You will not be remembered
Soon after you die
You will be forgotten

While you are alive
You will not be appreciated
You will not be seen

You will give everything
You will sacrifice everything
You will do anything to contribute

You will work your ass off
You will prioritize others
But it will go unnoticed

You will be invisible
Your efforts will not be appreciated
Your talents will stay unrecognised
You will be taken for granted
This is a curse and a blessing

Expect to be accused of the opposite of what you give out

If you are selfless you will be accused of selfishness
If you are generous you will be accused of being stingy
If you are friendly you will be accused of being rude

If you are honest you will be accused of being a liar
If you are patient you will be accused of being pushy
If you are mellow you will be accused of being demanding

You will be the life saver who is sentenced for murder
You will be the medicine labelled as toxic
You will be the fire man who is accused of setting the house on fire
You will be a saint who is treated as a quack

It is not a well known fact, but this is the upside down world
Anything you do will be perceived as the opposite
That’s why evil people on this planet are looked at as saviours
And the good people are in prison, the psychiatric ward or living under the bridge

This is just how it is arranged in this realm
Don’t expect it to be different
Don’t try to change it

Stop longing for justice
Just understand it is so
And no longer seek value in the outside world

Your work is in the invisible
Your mission is carried out in the unseen
If you hadn’t been born
Life would not be the same

Stop worrying about being seen
Stop longing for acknowledgement
Stop fantasizing about being praised
Don’t expect anything

Your value is not determined by what others think of you
Your value is not measured by the outer world
Your value is determined by who you really are

So just do your thing
Because your heart tells you so
Because you know it to be right

Learn how to live without praise
And know that you are valuable beyond measure
Know that you are being seen

Sanne Burger

Image: Susan Seddon Boulet


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