They should only know

Sanne Burger

15 June 2021

Some people think I am weird
Because I don’t believe in mouth caps
Because I don’t believe in viruses
Because I don’t believe in vaccines

Well, they should only know what else I think
For example, that these you-know injections contain nano bots
They are also in chemtrails, by the way
And these bots can be connected to 5G

I also think we are being conned by the government
I think they only are well behaved in front of the camera
Keeping their distance
Putting a mask on
But that they behave completely different behind the scenes
For example with G7
Not mouth cap to be seen, if you ask me
But lots of hand shaking
Shoulder patting
And laughing at us

Yes, that’s what I think
Weird, no?

I also believe there are genetically modified mosquitos
Who are being released in nature
To mate with regular mosquitos
Apparently to fight malaria
And that I don’t believe

I also believe there are mini drones
In the shape of big black bugs
With tiny little cameras inside
And possibly a form of weapon
Who move and fly like regular bugs
And can be used by the army

I also think there is a lot of technology
Being withheld from the regular people
Like clones, virtual reality, weapons and healing methods
And yes, I think we are being manipulated with that

Weird, no?

I also believe Bill Gates wants to block the sun with chalk balloons
Not to fight the climate crisis
But because he’s a monster who cannot stand the light

Oh, and I think there’s a genocide going on right now
And I think there are aliens walking around on this earth
Actually, I think we are aliens ourselves
I think not every human body houses a human soul
I think there are beings living inside the earth as well
And I think time travel exists

Okay, it shouldn’t get any crazier than this, right?
But it does

I think people naturally possess telepathic abilities
And telekinetic abilities as well
And I believe in shape shifters
And in astrology
And in healing on distance
And in the healing power of gems

And I believe it is possible to talk with deceased souls
And I believe in the healing power of psychedelics
I believe they are a gift of the gods
And I believe cancer can be cured
In fact, I believe every disease can be cured
And I believe our thoughts are creative

And I believe everything has consciousness
Things too, like cars and tables
Chairs and shoes

Everything has consciousness
You can connect with everything
You can communicate with everything

I believe time and space are an illusion
And I believe you can talk with animals
Even with mosquitos and ants
You can ask them to leave, for example
If they are bothering you
But you can talk with dogs and cats too
And they talk back
At the zoo, I could even talk with an elephant

And I can talk with trees as well
Yes, I believe trees are very wise
And I believe they talk with each other as well

And I believe the human race has been hijacked
By aliens
Who messed up our DNA
That’s why we don’t understand anything

And I believe in life on other planets
I believe there’s an infinite number of life forms in the universe
And I believe there has been contact and cooperation for a long time now

And I believe we can defeat gravity
And make our bodies weightless
And I believe we can become invisible
We just have to believe it

And I also think we choose our parents
And I believe in reincarnation
And I believe we can heal ourselves with the power of our minds

Oh, and I also believe there is no death
I believe we are immortal souls
Death is just a veil
Hiding a much broader reality

And I believe when I think of you
You can feel that
And vice versa

So yeah, you can think I am weird
Because I don’t believe in mouth caps, viruses and vaccines
But really, you should only know
In reality I am much crazier than that

Sanne Burger

Picture: Nel Lato Luminoso


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