The silence before the storm

Sanne Burger

11 August 2020

Dear brother
Dear sister
We have to talk
Before the storm will be upon us fully
Please, listen to me

You know by now, right?
You know what’s been going on for centuries
It is being revealed as we speak
Eight million children disappearing each year
Eight million children kidnapped
Yes, in your country as well
In your town as well

Homeless children
Children on the street
Children in foster homes
Children in juvenile prisons
Children in child care
Children in refugee camps
Children in war zones

The most vulnerable and lonely
Among the human race
Taken advantage of
As if they were worth nothing
Children without papers
Without passport
Without identity
Being traded like toys

Children, bred in underground bunkers
Many of them who never see the daylight
Many of them deformed and disabled
Many of them who never get older dan 3
Because that’s when they get sacrificed

Eight million children disappearing each year
The majority of them
Falling prey to a worldwide cult
Calling themselves Satanists
What they do to these kids
Is beyond human comprehension
There are countless testimonies
But even when you see it with your own eyes
Even when you hear a victim speak
Something in you will say
‘This can’t be true’
This instinctive disbelief is your human nature
‘People don’t do such things
They are not capable’
You are right
People in their right mind are not capable of doing such things
But they are
They are not in their right mind

You know by now that Hollywood is in on it
The elite is in on it
The mainstream media is in on it
The church is in on it
The law enforcement is in on it
Everybody is in on it
Your favorite movie star is in on it
Your own family might be in on it

Julian Assange exposed it through Pizzagate
But it was covered up
He was charged with treason
He is still bleeding for it
But not for long!
Because their cover up has failed

They can’t hide their crimes anymore
Everything is being exposed
The list of people who are guilty
Of participating in the worst crimes against humanity
Goes on and on and on
The list of people visiting Epstein’s island
The list of Ghislaine Maxwell
It is just the beginning

Most of the current arrests and rescues
Are taking place undercover
No media reports whatsoever
This is done on purpose
There are too many lives at stake
It is happening, though
Soon, it will all be out in the open

And that’s why we need to talk
Before the shit hits the fan
Please, hear me out

I know you are angry
I can see it in your eyes
You are outraged
You are shocked
You are heartbroken
You want revenge
You want to kill those psychopaths
Those rapists
Those child murderers
You want to see blood
You want them to experience the same agony
They inflicted on their innocent victims
You want to see them hang
And I understand
But I have to stop you right there

Pause for a bit
What are you saying?
They deserve to burn in hell?
But do they?
Do they all?

Think about it
What do you know?
What do you really know?
Do you have what it takes to be able to judge this?
Do you know what really happened?
Can you imagine, some of these people didn’t want to do what they did?
Can you imagine, some of these people didn’t stand a chance?
Do you realize, many of these people were born into the cult
Or brought into the cult at an early age
Brought up to believe torturing and killing babies was normal?
Can you imagine, many of them suffered
As much as you would have suffered
If it had happened to you?
Can you imagine, many of them wanted to escape
But couldn’t?
Does that make any difference to you?

Can you imagine what it does to you
Being tortured and raped as a child
Being brainwashed
Until you are no longer able to distinguish between good and bad?
How would you hold up
Under extreme torture?

We have to ask ourselves these questions
However hard it is

Most of the cult members were people once, too
But by the time they became a child molester
They had no human feelings left
Most of them were molested themselves
When they were young and vulnerable
Having no way to resist the mind control
Aimed at scattering their brain
Destroying their very soul
Draining every drop of humanity out of them

You must understand
The hierarchy in this cult is very strong
If we want to end this
We need to get to the few at the top
We need to get to these creatures
That are not even human
They hold the highest concentration of evil
They are demons
They wouldn’t mind, if this would turn into a bloodbath
Where the good guys kill the bad guys
Even if the bad guys were their own
And they invented the good guys
On the contrary
They would laugh
Knowing that after a while
Everything would return to normal
The good guys would sleep sound again
Thinking they restored peace on earth
But after a while
They would just start another round
Same evil game
Just other players

Don’t underestimate the power of this cult
The wickedness of their leaders
Know that they are masters of manipulation
Know that you as well, are manipulated by them
Look at what they managed to do to us
Just in the past 80 years
Since WW II
They have overtaken so many people
Once beautiful, good people
Talented actors
Gifted leaders
Dedicated scientists
Passionate artists
Genius students
They run this world
They own every industry
How did they do that?

How do you know they will not come for you
When they need new players
After the dust has settled?
How do you know you will have the power
to withstand their demonic force
Their manipulative games
Once you stand face to face with them?

Do you know how they managed
To recruit so many people?
You don’t
Maybe you are not a better person
Maybe you just have been luckier, so far

I know for a fact
Hatred is NOT the way to go
Yes, we have to stop them
I am forever grateful to those who have taken it upon themselves
To end this era of hell
Yes, we have to hold them accountable
Because they are
Everybody is accountable for their actions
And so are they
But no, we must not choose revenge
We must not inflict to them, what they did to us
We must not sink that low

That’s why we must hold back our anger
We must not give in to our desire
To hurt and kill those who complied
We need to find the creatures at the top
They need to go
If we really want to change the world
They need to go
Instead of us, without knowing it
Perpetuating the circle of victimhood
Just as they planned

What they want
Is for us to lose it
And go for the weakest in their cult
The scary ones
The suffering ones
The doubting ones
Killing the victims
But not the culprits
There are a few evil bastards who created all this
They are the ones manipulating your anger
They try to make you do the dirty work for them
Cleaning up their cult
Creating a bloodbath on both sides
While they sit and watch
Enjoying the show
Don’t let them win this time
Please, don’t let them win

We must break the chains
We must show our humanity
We must not give into rage
We must not hurt or kill in a frenzy
We must show mercy to those who deserve it
Those who will break down in genuine remorse
Those who once were victims themselves

I expect them to fall apart into four different groups
One group, who consciously chose to do this
And do not regret
They are the worst
They are the leaders of this cult
Then another group, who didn’t have a choice
But do not regret
A third group, who didn’t have a choice, but do regret
And the last group, who did have a choice
But regret in retrospect
Realizing fully, but too late, they made the wrong choice

Every group needs to be treated differently
I don’t know how
But we will find out
Once the time is there
And I hope by then
We will be firmly rooted in our humanity
In our hearts
So real justice can happen
Real healing can take place

So, my dear brother
My dear sister
I’m begging you
Please consider this
Can you see, the solution is not to kill them all?
Can you see, returning evil for evil is not the way to go?
Can you see that even a situation like this
Especially a situation like this
Asks for compassion?

I say this now
Before it’s too late
Please, calm down
Please, don’t let rage get the best part of you
Please, prepare for the worst
Make sure you can handle it
Don’t lose it now
Because it’s going to get much worse

When everything is brought to light
Many people will lose it
It will be too hard for them
To see their world crumble before their eyes
Many will look for a scapegoat
Someone to blame
Someone to punish
Many will want to see a manhunt
Heads rolling
Public blaming and shaming
Burning them to the ground
Nailing them to the pillory
Castrate them all
No mercy
No pity

Resist that call
Don’t participate
Don’t take immediate action, but wait
If you act, act from a place of wisdom
A place of grace
A place of love
Not from a place of hatred
Induced by these demons themselves

Many of the people who are guilty of the abuse
Were victims themselves
Were scared, little children too
With no one to protect them
The leaders of the cult
Create victim upon victim upon victim
Are you willing to work together
To break the chains of victimhood
And stop the violence
Once and for all?

This is important
We don’t have much time left
Soon, the storm will be upon us
In fact, it already is
Please, tell me you are with me
Tell me you understand
We need to carry this together
With grace and strength
Not with hatred and violence
Only then, will we be able to create a new world

We now have the chance
To break the chains of victimhood
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity
Don’t let it slip away

We can heal this world
We can take care of our children
And when the war is over
We are needed to help the survivors
To retrieve the lost souls
To take care of the wounded
To comfort the parents
Who now know they will never see their children again
Who have lost all hope
We need to save our energy for those who are worth it
For those in need

We will not burn down the house
We will not choose revenge
We will break the circle
We will forgive those who ask for forgiveness
We will create a new reality
We will start again

Our new beginning
Will not be built on the blood and bones
Of those we killed
But on the hope and faith
Of the ones we saved

Sanne Burger



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