Sanne Burger

21 September 2019

And then there is this moment in time
Where you find yourself in the south of France
In the courtyard of an ancient castle
Standing in a circle
With 30 other women

This is a timeless ritual
We all come forward
One by one
To the middle of the circle
To share our intention
Supported and held by our sisters

That’s when this magical moment arrives
One of these moments
Where you suddenly realize
That the whole universe indeed has conspired
To create it

Isha, a 5 year old girl, steps forward
She holds a stick in her hands
She posts herself in the middle of the circle
And then she falls silent
She waits, so she can gather herself
She waits for the words to come, or so it seems

The silence becomes very auspicious
All the women are waiting
Their hearts bursting for this brave one
And then Isha takes a deep breath
Firmly puts the stick on the ground
And speaks with a clear voice:
‘I chose to trust everyone!
And love is the way!’

At that very moment
30 women of different ages, from different countries, with different backgrounds
Cheer, and cry
In me I feel how layers of distrust just crack open at that very moment
Thanks to the statement of this little girl

I’m standing next to her mother
This strong, Norwegian goddess
This blond force of nature
I look at her
And I see tears streaming down her face
I can see how proud she is, how humble, how grateful
No, she didn’t tell Isha to say this
To her it’s just as much a surprise as for all of us
Just as much a blessing

This is one of those defining moments in life
This is about the birth of feminine power
From a place of innocence and love


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