Get out of the city

Sanne Burger

11 July 2021

I have always had trouble
Feeling at home somewhere
There is always this restlessness in me
This feeling of having to move
The inability to sit down
To settle down
To be somewhere and stay
Without thinking about where to go next

Except once
When I was living with a man
Whom I loved so much
Being with him was where I wanted to be
His arms were so long
He could wrap them around me twice
Laying in his arms
I had nowhere else to go
I actually felt home in his arms

However, that didn’t last long
As other things got in the way
Soon I found myself again
On the road
On the move
Into the unknown
Which felt rather familiar
Paradoxically enough

I guess you can divide humanity into two groups
The farmers and the nomads
The conservatives and the gypsies
Some people are born to settle down
To take root
To grow trees
To harvest fruits
To be melancholic about certain places
‘Here I went to school’
‘Here I had my first kiss’
So what?
I have never understood that
Whilst others are born to move

Anyhow, what I have found is this
Despite the restlessness
Where ever I am
There is always a refuge
There is always somewhere to go
And that is nature

If I go into nature
If I remove myself from the city
The distraction and bustle of city life
If I roam through a forest
Or cross a mountain
It doesn’t matter where it is
I feel at home

I sit under a tree
I look at the flowers
I smell the herbs
I hear the insects
And I feel at home

Of course, some parts of nature are more beautiful than other nature
Wilder, more untouched
The wilder nature is
The more I feel at home
And when the sun shines
It is even better
But in fact, it doesn’t matter
Even a rainy park will do
Nature is less exclusive than a lover

I never feel lonely in nature
Or lost
Nature is my home
She provides solace
She helps me gain clarity in my head
She calms me down
She makes me feel safe
She welcomes me
She is happy that I am there with her

Nature gives me everything
That one would expect of a home

Sanne Burger


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