Free will is your birth right

Sanne Burger

23 January 2021

You, human, have free will
It is a cosmic law
A universal law
Your free will is your human right
It is your birth right

You are a sovereign being, human
No one is allowed to enslave you
No one has permission to tell you what to do
No other human
And no other life form

You need to remember how to assert your free will, human
And you need to get on with it
because your free will is the only way out

You can only wear a mouth cap, if you choose to do so
You can only get tested, if you allow it
You can only get vaccinated, if you give permission
You can only be locked up, if you accept it

If you do not give permission
If you firmly, strongly, from that place of sovereignty, say NO
It will not happen
This is the power of your free will

You have the power and the right to say NO
Under every circumstance
There are no exceptions
This universal law overrules any other law

Whenever you feel powerless, human
Know that this is a symptom of hypnosis
Whenever you feel you have to obey
Whenever you feel you have no choice
Know that you are in a state of hypnosis

Only under hypnosis, you believe you don’t have free will
Only under hypnosis, you do not assert your free will
Only under hypnosis, you believe you have to listen to an authority outside of yourself
While in reality, there IS no authority outside of your free will

Please, observe in yourself
When, where, how and why are you reluctant to assert your free will?
Are you afraid of the consequences?

If you are, then ask yourself:
What would I do, if I actually DID have free will?
Just start with imagining it

Ask yourself:
What if I had all the opportunities in the world?
What if I would get all the support I could think of?
What if nothing would be in my way?
What if everything I chose, would manifest immediately?
What if I had ultimate protection and freedom?
What if nothing could go wrong?
What if everything that benefits me, would benefit others?
If that was the case – right here, right now – what would I do differently?
What would I change?

The answers to these questions are your guidance
They will reconnect you with your free will
They are your focus
They will set you free

The only way to change the world, human
The only way to change your life
Is for you to start asserting your free will
It is your ticket to freedom

©Sanne Burger


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