You have to keep asking yourself: what if I’m wrong?

Sanne Burger

6 February 2022

You have to keep asking yourself: what if I’m wrong? on a daily basis.
For example, what if we are fighting against a change that we think would be the end or mankind, while in fact it would be a new beginning?
What if we defend an outdated version of man that has failed the experiment, that has proven to be majorly flawed and is completely unsustainable?
If you look around, you have to admit we haven’t done so well in the past few centuries, right?
We have made quite a mess.
Sure, we blame others for it, but what does it say about us?
Why did we allow it?
Are we really that amazing?
Do we deserve to be preserved?

What if it is really the other way around?
What if the current human design has to go, in order to protect the earth and all of its kind?
What if a new human design has been developed and is ready to be implemented, a design that is far more advanced than the current version?
Could it be that we are just fighting this imminent change that is upon us, because it is unknown?
Or just because we do not want to change?
Or just because we do not want to be told what to do, because we are so full of ourselves?
Who can tell at this point if the new human design would not be much better, much happier, much more in tune with its surroundings and in harmony with itself and the world?
And if this was so, would you have the grace to admit defeat and leave voluntarily?

How do we know for sure that this brand new technology in the injections is evil?
Could it be the other way around?
Who can tell it is not developed by benign extra-terrestrial civilizations that have created us in the first place, long time ago?
Could it be that we are ignorantly fighting our very creators?
Could it be that the injections are in fact upgrading us and making us better human beings?
How can we be so sure this is not the case?
Because we are being manipulated and lied to?
But wouldn’t you lie to a madman who is standing on the edge of a cliff, threatening to jump, in order to save him?
Wouldn’t you lie to a child with a gun, trying to avoid a bloodbath?
Wouldn’t you lie to a mortally wounded soldier while he is bleeding out, so his last living minutes would be a bit less horrible?
Sometimes manipulation and lies are the only way to avert danger.
Sometimes lies are necessary, if the truth is too hard to bear.
Am I right?
Or am I wrong, playing advocate of the devil here?
You have to keep asking yourself.

Sure, people die and get adverse reactions after the shots, but this could also be part of the transition.
And how do we know dying is a bad thing anyway?
Maybe dying is just a transition too.
What if this current version of mankind, the one that you and I are part of, is just gently removed from this planet, in order to make space for a newer version, which fits in much better?
Who says this is a bad idea?
Maybe we are being brought to a much better place.
Maybe we are going home, where we belong.
Maybe the next human design is immortal and incapable of doing any harm.
Maybe they will finally create the Garden of Eden.
What are we so passionately defending?
Our free will?
But isn’t it our free will that got us in trouble in the first place?
Aren’t we confirming all the prejudices about this stubborn race by digging our heels in the way we do?

Look around you, most of us weren’t very happy to begin with.
Nobody really wants to go back to normal.
We might say we do, but secretly that is what we fear the most.
Still, we do not want things to change either.
So what do we want?
What are we fighting for?
What are we protecting, except our obsolete self-image?
Our right to procreate then?
Yes, falling in love, making babies, giving birth and parenthood is all very amazing, but in reality we mess this up too, more often than not.
We believe in romance, but in reality we suffer most of the time and so do our children.
We procreate and increase in numbers, but with no regards for the consequences.
Is an ideal worth fighting for?
How much credit does our potential give us, while we never really accomplish it?
More than 2000 years?
Or is the exquisite beauty of human nature we want to protect?
Meaning what?
Our noble, generous, kind, fair and wise nature?
Or our greedy, lazy, fearful and selfish nature?
What is human nature?
What are we, really?
Are we lovers, artists, creators, teachers and caretakers, or are we abusers, idiots, destroyers, deceivers and exploiters?
Have we fallen prey to vanity when we put ourselves on top of creation, or are we really that pure and good?

What are you, really?
How many chances have you had in this lifetime to really make it worthwhile?
And how many have you taken?
And if you didn’t grab those chances with both hands, however few they were, why was that?
Did you somehow believe you had more time?
Did you secretly think it was too much work?
Did your lazy ass decide someone else should take the burden?
Are you proud of yourself?
Do you have good reason to be proud of yourself?
What do you have to offer?

Look at yourself.
Be radically honest.
What if you would be the one human that was used as the model for making the final call: experiment failed, or experiment succeeded?
If you would hear your life would be the determining factor, would you be confident or would you cringe?
Is your life good enough to win the gods over for this version of the human race?
Are you?
Would you be able to stand up straight, with a strong spine and an open heart, look them in the eye and say with an unfaltering voice:
‘I vouch for this version of the human race and I am proud to represent it’?
Because truly, that’s how it is.
You are the chosen one.
You are the determining factor.
You are our final asset.
And all you have to do, is be accountable for yourself.
If you are, they will let us stay.
If not, it is game over.

Sanne Burger

Painting: Susan Seddon Boulet


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