You can also think too positive!

Sanne Burger

21 March 2020

‘Isn’t is lovely, this pandemic. How cosy to stay at home, to finally get a good rest, to have time to meditate, do yoga, play games with the kids. And oh, isn’t it wonderful, the dolphins returned in the canals of Venice, and how typically romantic are the Italians with their love songs, sung from their balconies. And oh, spring doesn’t realize there’s a world wide crisis going on, so the flowers flower, the birds sing; how amazing it all is. And how connecting, as we are all in the same boat. We are one big family.’

I can’t stand it anymore!

At this very moment the world economy is crashing, many people are losing their income, businesses go bankrupt, especially the small ones, old people are home alone, nursing homes close their doors for visitors, there is fear, confusion and misery everywhere. That’s a fact. I see it all around me. I see it in the eyes of the people in the supermarket, I hear it from my friends. Some can’t visit their mother anymore (me neither), others are in quarantaine, while others can’t enter their own country and others again can’t leave. It’s bad!

You can also exaggerate your positive interpretation of reality

Imagine: a military force walks into your village, armed to the teeth. Under threat you are being chased into your house. The door is barricaded. There you are, with crying kids and a shaking mother. What do you do? When this happens, you’re not going to past about how nice your plants look on the window sill, are you? Wouldn’t you first want to find out what’s going on? Wouldn’t your first reaction be: ‘What the fuck just happened?’

This basic reaction I miss in many people. There’s a kind of indifference, an inertia about what is happening worldwide

‘Oh well, what happens, happens. It’s all meant to be. I don’t need to understand it. We’ll just make the best of it. I’m sure there will be a vaccine soon.’ Listen, this is no longer positive thinking, this is plain denial. This is dissociation! Don’t you want to know what’s going on? Don’t you want to be sure whether it makes sense to be locked up in your house for weeks, before you actually do it? Why is everybody so docile?

Why is everybody so obedient?

If there really is a lethal virus out there that kills everyone, especially the vulnerable, if we don’t stop it… if I’m certain of that, I am willing to leave my house, close the door and meditate for three months, if necessary. But you need a very good reason to do this to me and my beloved, and I do not see this reason! I haven’t seen any proof of the Covid-19 virus being the worst virus ever. No, I haven’t! And neither have you! Nobody has this proof, because it’s just not there! In fact, I hear from different sources that the Covid-19 virus is in no way different from other Corona viruses, that most people have no or very mild symptoms, if it’s at all Covid-19 they have, and that most deaths, in Italy even 99,2%, had other diseases that also could have been the cause of death. Nobody knows!

Why there are so few people alarmed about the shameful lack of scientific proof?

If you can show me I’m wrong, that the virus is really lethal and can unleash a devastating pandemic.. if you can show me how we can prevent this, and if I’m convinced, than I’ll do what you say, but not earlier! Show me the facts, the research rapports, the results. If you can’t do that, why should I believe you? Who says, in that case, that you don’t have other interests in mind and not my well being? It won’t be the first time, that we, the people, are being conned. Do you hear? I don’t trust you at all!

You know what’s the problem? We, you and me, the average people, don’t have access to the truth anymore!

And we have become so used to this, in the last few decennia, or even centuries, we don’t even notice anymore. We watch TV, are on social media, we google stuff, and take that as true. The technocracy that David Icke talks about, is already there! Over the course of time, we have become so tired, so battered, that when someone says ‘You have to stay home!’ we say ‘Oh, of course. I’ll post a selfie with my geraniums.’

Come on, people! What the fuck is going on?

A friend in Utrecht (Netherlands) received a letter from the KPN (the biggest wifi provider in the Netherlands) the other day: ‘Dear customer, between March 22nd and 26th new cell towers will be installed for your new mobile network. Possibly your reception will be disturbed for a while.’ Well, isn’t that coincidental. Just now! Why would that be? Is it because nobody will be on the street and because of that, we can’t film it when birds and bees are going to fall from the sky, or people are going to fall over? Oh no, there are no people! The streets are empty. How convenient.

So, there you are, with all your resistance. On your own. Because all your friends are inside, singing Kum Ba Yah with their cyber tribe, in a fog of incense and positivity. ‘Finally time for myself. Thank you, Corona. Aho.’ And while the streets are empty, 5G is being installed.

But the Corona virus is here to help us!

It has come to show us we need to slow down, we need to go inside. And it is good for Mother Earth, as now she get her well deserved beauty sleep. Isn’t it wonderful air pollution in China has gone down with 37%, deer roam the streets in Shanghai and the water has become so much cleaner?’

Ask yourself the question: the people that will die, the companies that will go bankrupt, the poverty that will strike, the amount of people that will become dependent of benefits from the government… who made these victims?

A deadly virus, or a global government with its extreme measures? People confuse the actions of the government with the virus itself. The effect does not prove the cause! The disruption of society is not caused by the virus, but by the measures. These consequences do not come from a sacred virus that looks like a high five giving cartoon and wants the best for us. Neither is it a message of Mother Earth herself. It’s a forced, unnatural, violent action that no one recognizes as such, because everyone has stardust in their eyes!


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