Why science does not work

Sanne Burger

12 December 2020

Reality tends to bend towards our minds. It responds to what we think, want, desire, feel, expect and fear. Science, however, reasons the other way around. As if there is an objective reality out there of which we are not an intricate, inseparable part. As if we are not constantly co-creating, manifesting and influencing this very reality.

Science wants reality to be predictable, while the very nature of reality is its unpredictability. Therefore, science is always stifling and limiting reality.

The procedures science follow do not do justice to reality. The complexity, the many layers of it are not taken into consideration. The way a rat behaves in a lab is very different from the way it behaves in nature. The way a human being behaves is very different from a rat. But still, science studies rats in a lab in order to know more about humans.

Science is focusing too much on isolating details. It misses the whole picture. Scientists isolate vitamin C and then claim it is healthier than an orange, just because they are unable to grasp the mystery of the whole orange.

Modern science is profit driven. The money invested is focused on certain results. For example, research has to show this pill works or that vaccine has no side effects. Therefore, modern science is no longer objective, neutral or unbiased. It is owned by its sponsors.

Science endeavors to control nature, while the very essence of nature is that she is uncontrollable. Therefore, scientists will never get it right. Unless, they learn how to understand the volatile, ever changing nature of reality and find the courage to surrender to her mystery. By then, they will no longer be scientists. By then, they will have become mystics.

Sanne Burger


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