Who is going to take care of our children?

Sanne Burger

28 December 2020

There is great power in a woman’s womb
It holds the possibility to bring forth new life
A woman is capable of conceiving the spark of life
Of allowing the mystery unfold within her
And after nine months, she gives birth to a perfect baby girl or baby boy
This gives women great power
And great responsibility

Part of the dystopian technocracy, trying to get hold of this planet, is their effort to break this power
This is being done in different ways
One way, of course, is the general suppression of women
Diminishing her power, by downplaying the importance of motherhood
By destroying the joy and sacredness of giving birth
By ridiculing the sensitivity that women have around their cycle
By creating shame around menstruation, fertility and the desire to procreate
By dishonoring the immense love that women have towards their children

Women truly are the keepers of humanity
They are capable of giving birth, while men do not possess this power
This doesn’t mean that men are a lesser species
It only means they have a different task
Men have the task to accommodate for women
To support her in such a way, that she can give birth without finding herself or the child in danger
The protective, supportive role of men is crucial and noble

This is how we are supposed to be together
Men and women, taking care of their offspring, the way it was intended
Now, the dystopian elite is jealous of this match made in heaven
Hence, they try to scare us into a reality where we are no longer capable, or even willing, to give birth in a natural way
How do they do this?
First, they start with presenting giving birth as something horrible
Every birth you see on television or in the movies is painful, dangerous and bloody
You see screaming, hysteric women going mad
You see death, complications, doctors in white coats, blood and beeping machines
This dramatic scenery has nothing to do with reality

Second, giving birth has been moved from the safety of your home to the hospital
As if you were sick
The presence of a doula and your loved ones is no longer required
Often they are not even welcome anymore
Once in the hospital, when you are at your most vulnerable, you are plugged into machines
They measure all kinds of functions in you and your child, creating unnecessary stress and complications
This stress is useless, as your body and soul are perfectly capable of giving birth without being monitored
They have been doing this for millions of years
Only in the past few decades, this sacred celebration of giving new life has been turned into a problem
You are forced to hand over your birth process to a stranger, a so called specialist, while in truth YOU are the specialist

This shift, where women are forced to go to the hospital to give birth, often results in birth rape
Women being forced to lay down on their backs, exposed and uncomfortable
Doctors pushing their cold, gloved fingers into their vagina
Tools being used to pull the child out
Scissors and knives being used to cut the vagina open
Caesareans, just to be sure
Decisions being made, without asking the mother first
Strangers handling the baby, treating the new born baby as a thing
Tests being done, injections being given
Mother and baby being separated, as soon as possible

This whole scenario is being set up to traumatize mother and child from the very beginning
Not to forget the fathers, too
Oftentimes, the father is not even allowed to participate in the birth
At best, he is allowed to watch
He can watch his wife suffer, full of fear she or the baby might die, because it all seems so dramatic and beyond his reach
The father is made feeling powerless on purpose
It sets the tone for the rest of his fatherhood, if he doesn’t heal this trauma

Unfortunately, we are all familiar with these practices
Everybody knows the horror stories they themselves or others have been through, while giving birth
So, what will be next, one wonders?
Next will be, that giving birth the natural way is no longer allowed
Next, we will have an ever increasing rate of infertility in both men and women
This is done on purpose through diet, poison and mind control
The quality of sperm is already going down at an alarming rate
Men are becoming weaker and so is their sperm
More and more women have problems with their womb, their vagina and their sexuality
They are afraid of owning their sexuality
Afraid of pregnancy
Afraid of giving birth
Afraid to trust men

This is how the joy of procreation is being taken from us
This is how the confidence in our innate capability to procreate is damaged
The innocence and spontaneity of falling in love, having sex, becoming pregnant and then giving birth, is no longer a given
In a few generations, we might be so scared about the fake risks and so called dangers of giving birth the natural way, that we will allow the medical establishment to completely overtake
Of course, they will say it’s for our own safety, and we will believe it
But really, it will us dependent on the machine
We will truly believe we need the machine, the system, to be able to procreate
While nothing is more besides the truth

Soon, it will be forbidden to have a home birth
This is already happening in many western countries
Then, it will be forbidden to choose ourselves when, where, how and with whom we are going to have a baby
Maybe sooner than later, you might have to ask for permission at some department of government if you want to have a baby
Later on, it might even be forbidden to have a baby growing inside your own physical body
Pregnancy will be externalized
Babies will be grown in birth chambers, closely monitored by AI

And very possible, making love will no longer be at the core of procreation either
Instead, you will go to the hospital to donate your egg and sperm
Or maybe just a cell from your body will be sufficient
And then, after birth, you go to the office to collect your newly bred child, who of course will be modified from the very start
It will have been conditioned and shaped through vaccinations and DNA modifications
In a few generations, if this dystopian future will indeed become a reality, our children will no longer be human
They will no longer be part of nature as we know it
They will be hybrids
In the future, there might be no original children anymore
There will be no more surprises

Again, you will be told all this is for the safety of you and your babies, like they always do
They will reassure you your baby is in good hands
But the opposite is true
Nature creates happy and healthy babies, with a strong immune system, a strong heart and perfect human trades, like the capacity for pleasure, care, joy and curiosity, independent thinking and creativity, the ability to love, play and connect
Technology does not
Through technology, most human trades will be bred out of the child
You will receive a robotic, predictable, obedient child
Ready, set, go
If it’s up to the elite, all children will be autistic in the future
All children will be narcissistic
And all children will be on drugs

Maybe, in a few generations, in a 100 years or so, men and women will look back at these savage times, shaking their heads in disbelief
These days, where women and men would just freely procreate
Where they would spontaneously fall in love
Some day in the future, we might look upon the act of making love as animalistic and primitive
We might look at giving birth through the vagina as something horrible and barbaric
We might consider breastfeeding as something very unhealthy, as you might transmit a deadly disease to your baby
Eventually, we might agree with the idea of a perfectly organized society, where the messy, sweaty, dangerous act of procreation is no longer part of being human and no longer part of our relationships
Procreation will have become institutionalized
Just like everything else

Is this what you want for yourself in the future, woman?
Is this what you want for yourself, man?
Is this what you want for your children?
Then you have to do something about it!

Have your children the natural way
Don’t allow any doctor or nurse to come near
Only a doula and your loved ones
Trust your body
Trust life
Only then, will we still be able to give birth to human babies in the future
We must never, ever, give away this privilege, this divine human quality to procreate
We must wake up to the nightmare of institutionalized birth
Because it will be the ultimate act of dis-empowerment for both women and men

Giving birth is part of the magic of having a physical, female body
It is joyful
It is a moment where you touch the divine
Where you become a portal
Where you allow a soul into this reality, so he or she can have a divine, human experience

Don’t be fooled by the horror stories being told about giving birth
Giving birth is natural, easy and beautiful
Your body, woman, is made to give birth
Your body knows how, when and with whom to become pregnant
Your body knows how to give birth
You know everything about pregnancy, giving birth and raising a child
Your innate wisdom is awe inspiring and powerful as fuck
And men are irreplaceable in the process

The idealizing of gender neutrality, androgynous beauty icons and sex change is part of the plan
It is meant to confuse you about what it means to be a woman
What it means to be a man
They are trying to blur the female and male archetypes
Don’t believe them
Don’t buy into it

Be a woman, woman
Be round, be motherly, be nurturing
Be the irresistible female that you are
Be a man, man
Be strong, be practical, be supportive
Be outgoing, be protective
Be the noble male that you are
Educate your children
Allow your woman and children to admire you
Know you deserve it

We can do this together
Man, woman and child
We can create the Garden of Eden
We did it before
We don’t need technology
We don’t need AI
We don’t need hospitals
We don’t need the pharmaceutical industry
We don’t need pills
We are medicine ourselves!

We carry life within us
We ARE life
We carry the spark of divinity in our physical bodies
We are the God molecule
Don’t let anyone take this away from you
Not now, not in the future, not ever

Sanne Burger


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