What really makes us ill

Sanne Burger

1 July 2020

Do bacteria and viruses make us ill? Do vaccines protect us against disease? To answer this question, we have to go back in time. It all started in the 1860’s, a rough 160 years ago. Around that time, Louis Pasteur launched his germ theory, suggesting that micro-organisms were responsible for infections and disease. Louis Pasteur was an influential chemist at the time. To this very day, his theories are adhered to. What he found out was: when you observe an infected (sick) piece of bodily tissue under the microscope, there is always a cluster of bacteria around. ‘Ah!’ he thought, ‘that must mean bacteria cause infection and disease!’ Wrong. The observation was true, but the conclusion was false.

Bacteria are the fire men
Where there is a fire, there is the fire brigade – or at least we hope so. This doesn’t mean the fire brigade caused the fire, though. It is the same with bacteria. They appear in the body when the body is partly or completely sick, decaying or dying. Bacteria clean up. They remove dead cells and decaying tissue, so the body can heal. Just like the fire brigade is there to cease the fire, bacteria are there to cease the disease. Just like the fire brigade is not the cause of the fire, bacteria are not the cause of the disease. Our idea about bacteria as dangerous and hostile things that threaten the body, might be the opposite of the truth.

The germ theory
At the time, around 1860, microscopes were not powerful enough to detect anything smaller than bacteria. However, based on his findings, Pasteur developed a hypothesis. He said: there must be invisible particles out there, smaller than bacteria, floating through the air, waiting to be inhaled, touched or ingested, for then to attack the person and making him sick. I call them viruses.
‘I tell you!’ he said. ‘Once we have better microscopes, we will prove it.’
He was like an astronomer, being sure of the existence of a planet not yet discovered, even naming it, waiting for a telescope big enough to prove his presumption.

How do you prove a virus?
Pasteur was wrong, again. By now, we have developed microscopes that are able to detect even nano-particles, but so far, no scientist has ever discovered a virus. Bacteria exist, but the existence of viruses has never been proven. The statement that bacteria and viruses cause infection and disease, has never been proven either. Even the word ‘infection’, which means ‘invasion’, is wrong. And then we haven’t discussed the presumed contagiousness of bacteria and viruses yet, either.

The current scientific way of proving something is by taking three steps:
1. Isolate it
2. Take an electron micro-graph of it
3. Determine what its genetic makeup is

So far, nobody has ever managed to even take the first step. There are no reports showing evidence of an isolated virus. Not with Covid-19, not with any other Corona virus, not with measles, not with polio, not even with HIV. ‘Virus’ is just another word for ‘poison’. Mercury, aluminium phosphates and formaldehyde are poisons, to just name a few ingredients of vaccines, but there is no such thing as a contagious poison. At least, these are the findings of David Parker and Dawn Lester, the authors of the substantial book ‘What really makes us ill’, among many others.

This can’t be true
This is a good moment to pause for a moment. Like… what? What? Is the germ theory, the very basis of modern medicine, nothing but a theory? Well, yes. It’s called the germ theory for a reason, right? But… how? This can’t be true, right? Isn’t it common knowledge, for example, that millions of natives where killed by the measles when the Spanish conquistadores invaded? Don’t we all know that millions of people died during the Spanish flu around 1918? And isn’t it a fact that polio was banned from the face of the earth, thanks to the polio vaccine? So, what kind of bullshit is this?

The genocide of the native Americans
Indeed, when the lands that later would become America were invaded, millions of natives died, but not from the measles. What they really died of was much worse. The Europeans were armed with guns and cannons, while the only weapons the natives had, if any, were bow and arrow. They were forced to work in the gold and silver mines as labor slaves under terrible circumstances, until they died. They were driven from their fertile lands and starved because of lack of nutrition and clean water. There’s a fair chance the measles epidemic was the cover up story, as it just sounded better than the horrific truth that the natives were slaughtered en masse by the invaders.

The Spanish flu was not a flu, but PTSD
In 1918, the story goes, a lethal virus wiped out 20 million people worldwide, while 50 million got sick. However, the effect doesn’t prove the cause. Not then, not now, not ever. If you look closer, you see it might not have been a coincidence that this so-called pandemic appeared straight after WWI. The war had weakened the health of millions of people by malnutrition, starvation, trauma, fear, stress and grief. There were many other contributing factors, as well. In the military camps in the US, for example, many soldiers died because they were given extremely high doses of aspirin. In India, soldiers came home after battling in the cold and wet trenches of Europe, traumatized and weakened. Many of them died. Again, the truth of the Spanish flu might be much more grim and complicated than the story of some virus, suddenly attacking and killing millions of people, out of the blue. This might have been a cover up story, too.

Catch me if you can
The polio case is not so certain, either. Statistics show the number of polio cases had gone down significantly, before the vaccine was developed. As I stated above, Parker’s research shows there is no proof whatsoever that viruses exist. However, many experiments have been done to find out whether it’s possible to transfer the flu or the measles, or more precise: to transfer a disease with flu- or measles-like symptoms, to another person. An example: three years ago in Germany, a reward of 100.000 euros was granted to the person who could prove the measles were contagious. Immediately, a test was done by a group of scientists. They put two rows of people opposite each other. One row had measles-like symptoms, the other row was healthy. The sick people then had to cough in the face of the healthy people, multiple times. Gross, but hey, anything for science. Result: not a single healthy person got sick! Why didn’t this become world news? Why, instead, were these findings rejected, even by the supreme court, and did the German government mandate a vaccine against measles, just recently? Isn’t this mockery of science?

The V-word
So, here we are, with a head full of questions. And I haven’t even asked the most poignant question: IF VIRUSES DON’T EXIST, WHAT DO WE HAVE VACCINES FOR? Pasteur actually continued the work of the English country doctor Edward Jenner, who almost a century earlier, around 1780, was the first person experimenting with vaccines. Jenner was the inventor of the very first vaccine, the vaccine against smallpox. Pasteur invented another one, a vaccine against rabies. The idea of a vaccine was and still is: just attack the body a little bit, by injecting just a few drops of a certain virus, bacteria or poison in the bloodstream, just to scare it a little. By doing this, the body will react by working harder, in order to protect itself, so the sickening whatever can’t penetrate the body anymore and the patient will stay healthy. Well, it might get a little sick from the vaccine, but that’s better than dying a horrible death by a deadly virus, no?

Do vaccines protect the body?
Is this statement about vaccines boosting the immune system false or true? At this point I dare say: it is false. The idea that vaccines protect the body against disease is not logical at all. You can’t pre-boost the immune system by injecting it with poison. Vaccines do not protect the body against anything!

Pulling the rug from under
If you pull the rug from under Pasteur’s germ theory, you also pull the rug from under the measures that have been taken, presumably in order to protect us from Covid-19. Social distancing? Wearing a mouth cap? Washing your hands 20 times a day? Why, if there is nothing contagious out there? Following this reasoning, the rug is being pulled from underneath the vaccine programs as well, as they do not seem to have a health-supporting function whatsoever. Quite likely, the vaccine programs have been hijacked by pharmaceutical companies who want to make money of it. Looking at what is in vaccines and how the vaccine industry is being protected and pushed, it’s wise to question whether they have your health at heart, or not. Why adding nano particles to a vaccine, for example, as the only benefit is they are helpful tracking people and linking them to AI?

Where there is smoke, there is fire
Just as a thought experiment, without jumping to conclusions yet, you could ask: what is being tested then, if there are no viruses? What is being tested, overwhelming research shows, is the presence of exosomes in the body. Exosomes are little strands of protein that the body excretes from the cells, when it tries to get rid of toxins and free radicals. It’s a natural way to clean the body. The difference between bacteria and exosomes is that bacteria are alive, while exosomes are not. Bacteria are the fire men, exosomes are the smoke. As most people have toxins in their bodies, most people will have exosomes in their blood, as well. Therefore, most people test positive for exosomes, which these days have been given the name Covid-19, peculiar enough.

Facing reality
But what do people die of during this particular pandemic then, you might wonder. Just like after WWI, or with the invasion of what is now America, you need to look at the whole picture in order to understand. In general, you can speak of four main causes of disease:

1. Lack of nutrition, by lack of food or by lack of quality (organic, non-processed) food
2. Toxic intake, like pharmaceutical pills, alcohol, smoking, junk food, drugs, vaccines, air-, water- and soil pollution, etc.
3. High levels of chronic stress, trauma and fear
4. Electromagnetic radiation

Could it be that this is what people die of now, too? Does this explain why members of the same household, school or institution get sick at the same time -f not because they have caught a contagious virus, but because they have been exposed to one of more of the above factors?

Putting Big Pharma out of business
So, is this mockery all Pasteur’s fault, with his ridiculous theories? No, of course not. When a fool gets so many followers, there’s more to it. Again, the truth might be much more grim and complicated than the virus narrative. Someone seems to benefit from big groups of people being weak, sick, isolated and literally scared to death. Someone seems to benefit from big groups of people believing the narratives they are being told, just because science or politics or the media say so. But that’s another story. For now, just look at the basics of what really makes you healthy, and put it into practice.

The following guidelines are so simple, so universal and so powerful, they might put Big Pharma out of business in no time. And if the above explanation of bacteria, viruses and vaccines is true, that might be a very good idea.

What really makes us healthy?
1. Clean up your lifestyle
2. Watch your nutrition
3. Avoid toxic influences
4. Stay positive


* This article was inspired by an interview Mark Devlin did with David Parker and Dawn Lester called ‘Viruses, and what really makes us ill’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmwNy8X5IrE

David and Dawn did 10 years research to answer the question ‘What really makes us ill?’ They wrote an 800 pages thick book on it, with 40 pages of scientific reference. Can’t wait to read it!

** Want to research this topic more? Here is a list of helpful links:

– Watch the documentaries Vaxxed and Vaxxed2, by Del Bigtree
– Watch the interviews and presentations of Dr. Rashid Buttar
– Watch the interviews and presentations of Dr. Zach Bush
– Watch the interviews and presentations by Dr. Andrew Kaufman
– Watch the many interviews on the independent platform Londonreal.tv

Youtube and Facebook are censoring many of these sources of information. A good alternative is Bitchute.

*** This article endeavors to inspire you to do your own research and find out the truth for yourself. It’s not written to convince you of anything, in any way. Be your own authority. Don’t follow or believe or repeat anyone. Always think for yourself, speak for yourself and act accordingly.

Sanne Burger


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