Toolkit for spiritual warriors

Sanne Burger

5 April 2020

You want to change the world
You have had enough
Enough compromise
Enough waiting
Enough laying low
Enough postponing
Enough pretending
Enough trying to fit in

You are ready to become a spiritual warrior
A person who stands for truth and justice
A person who will fight to protect the innocent
If he musts
A person who walks his talk
A person who doesn’t back off
A person who is proud of who he is
A spiritual activist

Where do you start?
What tools do you need in order to succeed?

First of all, you need discernment
You need to be able to distinguish between truth and lies
Fact and assumption
Honesty and dishonesty
Justification and explanation
Denial and reflection
Manipulation and guidance
You need to know the difference between good and bad
Not as a concept, but as a gut feeling
An instinct, as strong as a lion

Then, you need courage
The courage to question your beliefs
The courage to step up
The courage to speak your truth
And act accordingly

You need curiosity
A burning desire to know the truth
A curiosity so intense, it keeps you up at night
Asking questions and demanding answers
This will give you the energy not to stop
Until you know it all

You need time and patience
In order to do your research
Practice your skills
Learn how to handle your emotions
That will certainly come up in the process
You need to learn not to get overwhelmed

You need a desire for freedom
A burning desire to be free
For your fellow humans to be free
To live in a free world
Free from corruption, injustice and slavery
A desire so strong, you could die for it

You need a strong sense of humor
The capacity to laugh
Under any circumstance
This is the guarantee nothing will break your spirit
And you will never give up

You need the capacity to not take yourself too seriously
Nor your party, your religion, your leaders or your teachers
You need a good starting point, like
‘I know very little about reality
and I would like to know more’
You need humbleness

You need friends
Good, friendly people around you
Connections you can trust
To make sure that the fear of being excluded won’t haunt you
You need to feel you belong somewhere

You need compassion and forgiveness
In order not to be consumed by rage, or even hatred
Once you learn the truth
You need to forgive yourself too
For not stepping up earlier
For looking the other way
For settling for compromise
For giving into fear

You need perseverance
To overcome the cognitive dissonance
That will arise when you are confronted with facts
That don’t fit into your current paradigm
You need to recognize it when it comes
And not allow it to lock you down

You need the willingness to change
To risk loosing your comfort and safety
To give it all away
To allow your world to be scattered
To redefine yourself and everything you ever believed in

You need the stamina to carry your pain with grace
To never give up your dignity
Even when you are in the midst of the chaos
You need to find your way back to yourself

Furthermore, you need a strong imagination
So you can imagine the world in which you want your children to live in
So you can hold that vision through difficult times
A vision that goes beyond the limitations of this reality

And then, you need trust
Trust that all this has meaning
Trust that eventually, we will all return home

These tools are your arsenal
This is how you can become a spiritual warrior
Please join us
We need you
We need you now


Sanne Burger


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