The Great Hypnosis

Sanne Burger

26 January 2021

I am not a doctor, nor a virologist, but I do know quite a bit about psychological warfare. I am a survivor, as they say, and I have studied the subject in depth for many years.

In order to understand what is going on in the world, it might be helpful to look at how mind control works, as mind control is the main weapon used in psychological warfare.

First of all, you should know that mind control is a widespread, yet often invisible phenomenon, which has infiltrated on every level, in every society on this planet.

What is mind control?

Let me explain from scratch. Your mind is connected to consciousness. It is considered the main tool you have to interpret reality, to be able to form a coherent image of that reality and to function in it, in an adequate and successful way, without damaging or destroying yourself, others, or the environment.

As human beings, we are born with an open mind, a very malleable and flexible mind, unlike many other species. Our mind is very open to imprints, stories and programming, especially in the first three years of our lives. This is a good thing, as long as we are born into a group or society that has our best interest at heart, that educates and raises us in such a way that we can evolve and develop into responsible, kind and functional human beings.

However, when the mind is hijacked and the programming and imprinting is overtaken by forces that do not have our best interest at heart, but whose goal is to control us, then this open, malleable mind will become subject to programming and conditioning that is not serving you, your health or your well being, but is serving the very forces that want to control you.

This is mind control

Mind control is most successful when it can latch onto our instincts, our human nature. For example, as human beings we are very protective towards our young. Therefore, we are very easy to manipulate into doing something, or not doing something, in order to protect them.

That’s the reason why many parents are so obedient towards the rules of society. They feel they have to, in order to keep their children safe. This is just one of many examples.

As human beings in general, we have a natural tendency to adapt to the group. Of course, we are individual beings and have individual longings as well, but our natural instinct to adapt to the group is much stronger than our urge to satisfy our personal desires.

This wonderful virtue could be used against you, if one would like to control you. For example, one could create group rules that were not good for you, your health, your safety, your well being or that of your children, not even for the group as a whole, but this would nevertheless induce the fear in you that if you didn’t follow these wicked rules, you would be excluded from the group.

We are group animals

The fear of being excluded is deeply ingrained in us. It is a powerful biological instinct, as we are group animals. As stated above, our instincts are mainly focused on being part of a group and functioning harmoniously within that group.

Therefore, we are okay with rules and hierarchy, until a certain level. We are willing to adapt, even when this is uncomfortable. For example, we are willing to wait with eating, until the alpha, the boss, says we can eat – even when we are hungry! We are willing to follow the group rules, because that guarantees we will not be excluded from the group. Because biologically, to be excluded means to die.

This is not a bad thing. It guarantees harmony and peace within the group, until this basic instinct to adapt is hijacked for other purposes. This is the case when you are forced to follow rules that no longer benefit you as an individual, or the group as a whole, but only benefit those who want to control you.

Unfortunately, we have now entered a situation where this absolutely might be the case. You don’t have to believe me, just see for yourself. See if you can observe it and recognize it.

All this explanation so far, is just a warming up for where I am heading. Because there is one particular thing I want to talk about, and that is the pressure to get vaccinated.

Why getting vaccinated?

The story goes, there is a very dangerous virus out there. It has spread across the globe, infecting and killing many people, and a rushed vaccine is the only cure.

I say ‘story’ on purpose, because this story is not backed up by reality at all. For example, after almost a year, we know for a fact that what we call Covid-19 is not any worse than what we call the common flu. Also, it is a proven fact that there are other cures, which are more effective and much safer than vaccines. And on top of that, the PCR-test is not accurate!

Then why do they tell us this story? Well, this is where the term mind control comes in. This is a very good example of it. This is part of the psychological warfare I mentioned earlier. The method is called ‘the problem-solution method’. It is basic stuff in those circles where psychological warfare is well known and well used. When you look at it, it is almost too simple to believe it works.

1. Create a problem, for example a virus.
2. Offer the solution, for example a vaccine.

So here we are, confronted with a story that is not backed up by the facts. A story that tries to convince us to take an experimental injection, that is not proven to be safe or effective. Isn’t that peculiar? It is certainly strange when you look at it from a logical perspective, but it is not strange at all when you look at it from a perspective of psychological warfare.

Threaten with exclusion

In human beings, the power of emotion is much stronger than the power of reason. Most people are not aware of this, which is marvelous for those who aim to control you, because now they can play you. What emotions are they playing on right now, you think? They are playing on your fear of being excluded. They are playing on your innate human virtue to adapt to the group.

Think about it. Why do they threaten to take away your liberties, if you don’t take the vaccine? Why do they cripple all social events? Why do they demonize people who ask critical questions? Isolating and demonizing individuals, as well as creating conflict within the group, are well-known mind control techniques.

As stated above, we as humans are willing to go to extreme lengths to make sure we will not be excluded. We are willing to take health risks and to expose ourselves to boredom, embarrassment, hardship and humiliation. We are even willing to be abused, put down, beaten and locked up. We are also willing to beat up, put down, betray and exclude others. As long as it doesn’t happen to us. History has proven this many, many times.

Pulling the heart strings

Possibly the most cunning method that is being used right now to sell the vaccines, is the following story: you don’t do it for yourself, you do it for others. You do it to protect the old and weak. You do it in order to lessen the burden on health care institutions and health care workers. And if you don’t do it, you are being selfish and irresponsible.

Again, this is not based on facts. This surpasses your intellect and goes straight to your heart. It stirs your emotions! Of course, you don’t want to be selfish and you don’t want to be seen as selfish. And yes, you do want to help and save others, if you can. Of course! So instead of looking at the facts properly, you are lured into a story that manipulates you into taking the vaccine.

Do you recognize this? Can you see it? You have to take a step back from the story and your strong emotions, in order to see it. You have to break the spell in order to see it, so to speak.

There is nothing wrong with you

Let me remind you, it is not a crime to ask questions. There is nothing wrong with you, if you want to be sure whether the story you are being told, is true or not. Of course you want to know the truth, before you agree to something that might be a health hazard for you or your children and that might actually not help anyone, in any way.

Yes, sometimes it seems as if we have entered a Harry Potter movie, or the Lord of the Rings, or the Hunger Games. I don’t think that’s a coincidence, but let’s stick to the subject, for now. Vaccinations.

Weapons of mass control

Let’s assume for now, that the forces that want to control you, have access to the media and use them as a tool for their psychological warfare. It is not too farfetched, I would say, to recognize that the news and social media are excellent mind control weapons.

When you see someone suffer or die on TV, your biological reaction is the same as if it were real. That means you feel it, you react to it, as if it were real. Your heart strings are being pulled, you feel the pain of that person or animal, and your natural response is immediately: how can I help? That’s the beauty of human nature.

When you see people getting sick and dying of Covid, you are vulnerable, because it makes you emotional. And that’s where the warlords step in, the ones who showed you all that suffering in the first place, by presenting their solution: get a vaccine!

What is real?

However, many doctors, nurses and other health workers will say: but how about the people that really suffer and die? I have taken care of so many patients and old people this past year! They were not pretending, were they? Their suffering was real!

Yes, their suffering was real. However, you have to ask yourself the difficult questions: does their suffering prove the existence of Covid-19? Does their suffering proof that there is indeed a pandemic? And furthermore, does their suffering justify you or them taking a so called vaccine?

Scared to death

What if the reason for all these sick and dying people in the past year was not a result of the so called virus, but amongst other things, a result of the measures? It is a well known fact that fear weakens people’s resilience and immune system. Loneliness does too, as well as a lack of touch and company, especially in the elderly. From that perspective, it is not very surprising that so many elderly people got sick and died, is it? They were locked up in their room, not allowed any visitors, they didn’t get hugs and cuddles and yes, they were extremely frightened. And the young, who need to hang out with their friends, suffer greatly too. This is called the nocebo effect, the opposite of the placebo effect.

Is it possible that many people have literally been scared to death by a story and did not die (only) because of a virus? Is it possible that you are manipulated into taking a vaccine by a story that is not real? Is such a level of cruelty and cold manipulation even possible?

The grim reality

At this point I believe there is no other option than to consider the grim possibility that this is in fact true. It is indeed very possible that you have been manipulated into believing you have to take the vaccine, otherwise even more people will suffer and die. You might be one of the many victims of the mind control programs in this psychological war – a war of which you were not even aware.

There is no proof

Again, there is no proof that taking a vaccine will protect you or others from getting the virus. There is no guarantee there will not be severe side effects. The vaccine has not been tested properly. Until recently, the fact that the vaccines contain mRNA altering particles was considered a conspiracy theory, but in the meantime it has proven itself to be correct. Nobody knows what the effect of these nano particles will be. Many doctors and virologists have expressed their concern though, about possible infertility amongst women and men as a possible side effect. They also say it is absolutely unnecessary to vaccinate the whole population.

One thing is clear, the story you have been told, doesn’t add up. It is very efficient when it comes to pulling your heart strings, make you emotional and move you to do something that is not rational at all, which is taking a vaccine. However, it is extremely inefficient as a cure for this so called virus.

Human nature is beautiful

The fact that you would be willing to sacrifice your health in order to save lives, is in itself beautiful. It proves you are human. It proves you have a good heart and you love people. However, don’t let the forces that want to control you get hold of you, through your beautiful heart. Don’t be naïve!

Again, if you question the story, that does not mean you are a selfish or bad person. The fact that you doubt whether you do anyone a service by taking the vaccine and first want to see proof, does not indicate you are selfish; it only proves you are an intelligent and thoughtful being. It proves you are awake.

The different methods of mind control

Let me put together the different mind control techniques that we discussed here:

1. Problem – solution: create a problem (virus), so people accept the solution (vaccine)
2. Divide and conquer: create division and conflict within the group
3. Biological/instinctive triggers: threaten with exclusion
4. Emotional triggers: pull the heart strings. (Yes, you can help. You do it for others.)

And if you can’t believe it, bless you. It just proves your human nature. It is true, something so cruel is inhumane. And indeed, the forces that we are facing right now are not humane, nor are they human. They have a totally different agenda, something we are barely capable of imagining. However, that’s another story. Just remember, when you recognize evil it doesn’t mean you become evil yourself. Evil is not contagious. Recognizing it, just means you have a much bigger chance to defeat it.

The great hypnosis

Have you ever watched a show of Derren Brown, one of the world’s most skilled hypnotists? If you have, you know that when people are under hypnosis, they are completely unaware they are. They see, whatever they are told to see. They believe everything they are told, no matter how absurd it is. They do, whatever they are told to do. This can be hilarious if used by an entertainer like Derren Brown, but it can become extremely dangerous if used by forces that do not have your best interest at heart and whose only aim is to control you.

Is it possible that many of us are under a hypnotic spell at the moment? And if so, would it be a good idea to wake up, before everybody gets vaccinated?

©Sanne Burger

For more information: go to the World Doctors Alliance
Or join: The Greater Reset


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