Planet of abundance

Sanne Burger

27 July 2022


This is the planet of abundance.
Look at the earth: you put a seed in the ground and a whole tree comes out.
It carries countless fruits and every fruit carries countless seeds.
And all these seeds carry new life in them.
Look at all the different species.
Look at the abundance of plant and animal life,
the numerous varieties of plants, trees, flowers, insects, birds and other animals.
Look at the abundance of food that grows on this planet.
Look at procreation.
A sea turtle lays more than a hundred eggs at a time.
From one turtle more than a hundred baby turtles are born, again and again.
Look at a pregnant cat.
One cat gives birth to multiple kittens, sometimes up to eight, every time again.
Same with us humans.
A woman can give birth to many children.
Look at fish eggs.
Look at mushroom spores.
Look at the seeds in a sunflower.
One sunflower grows from one tiny sunflower seed and then creates a flower with thousands of seeds in its heart.
That is the essence of Mother Earth.
That is what she does.
That is what she is capable of.
She creates many out of one.
She creates abundance.

Our true nature
Look at a forest after a wildfire.
Everything is burned.
Everything is black.
And then look what nature does.
Within a week green sprouts are appearing everywhere.
Within a few months plants grow everywhere.
Within a few years the trees have grown back.
That’s the healing capacity of Mother Earth.
Naturally and effortlessly, she heals and regrows anything that gets damaged or destructed on her surface.
That’s her style.
That’s her nature.
That’s her true character.
And that’s our true character as well.

Our true nature
Everything on the earthly plane is abundant, except the human mind.
Somehow we humans have become afraid of shortage, while living on a planet of abundance.
How peculiar.
We don’t see, recognize or appreciate the abundance of the earth anymore.
Instead we have become greedy, stingy and controlling.
We have started to hoard, collect, save and steal to ensure our wealth.
Our once so generous character has changed.
We have become selfish.
We are now anxiously protecting our property, our possessions and our bank accounts.
We now believe in the opposite of abundance.
This keeps us poor and in need.
The abundance of the ultra rich is not real abundance, because it is based on theft.
They have stolen it from the rest of us, therefore it is not real.
You don’t become rich by taking from the poor.
You don’t become abundant by stealing, cheating and exploiting.
You become abundant by giving.
Everything you give, will multiply.
That’s the original rule of the earthly realm.

The slave system
The one grit, the one construct that has covered up the original blueprint of abundance, is the money system.
Money has enslaved us, because it has created a fear of lack.
The money system creates shortage.
Now we have to buy that which was originally given to us freely, in abundance, by Mother Earth.
Her gifts have been stolen from her and a price has been put on them.
We have to pay for everything.
Not to the earth, she wouldn’t want it, but to the thieves.
This is the greatest injustice of all.
We now live in a matrix where we need money for virtually everything.
To live somewhere, to go somewhere, to eat, to drink, to be safe, even to dance.
Everything has a price.
This has made us very afraid.
From this place of fear we have stopped sharing.
Instead we now say: this is mine and this is yours.
We anxiously protect our possessions.
We have contracts and keys for everything.
We have a lock on our phone, on our house, on our car, on our jewellery boxes, on our diaries.
We even don’t want to share our thoughts anymore.
When we leave our property we lock every door and window,
so we can be assured nobody will take anything from us.

The main cause of unhappiness
How different this is from how it is meant to be.
We are meant to leave our houses open, just like our hearts.
We are meant to share what we have.
Of course we are meant to respect material things, but respect doesn’t mean to claim ownership of it.
Respect means to treat anything with care, which has nothing to do with whether it is yours or mine.
Often we only collect stuff because we are afraid of lack.
We have our cellars and attics full of stuff, just in case we might need it one day.
When you think about it, it is very sad what the money system has done to our minds,
our characters, our mentality, our culture and our society.
We have become so bloody selfish.
Fear of shortage is the main cause of greed and unhappiness.
We have lost trust in Mother Earth, hence we have lost trust in ourselves.

Canned truth
How it is meant to be, is that everything and everyone is free.
Everything is originally there for us in abundance.
Our food is free: the earth is giving it to us freely.
The water is free: it flows freely and abundantly.
Knowledge is free.
Shelter is free.
Love is free.
Truth is free.
But because of the money system, all this is forgotten.
Now even the guru shares his truth only when you pay for it.
That is such a contradiction in terms.
That is canned truth and canned truth cannot be real.
Real truth is free.
Real truth is shared unconditionally.
Canned love can’t be real either.
Real love flows freely and abundantly, like water.
True love doesn’t ask anything in return.
Look at the earth.
Look at our children.
Look at the animals.
Look at the plants and the trees.
They haven’t forgotten.
They still live in abundance.
It radiates from them.
They are abundant in giving and receiving, in joy and play, in curiosity and movement.
We can learn from our children just by looking at them.
We can learn from our pets, our plants, from anything that is still natural.

It is time
It is time to step out of the concept of shortage.
It is time to step out of the grit of lack and control.
It is time to step out of the money system.
We don’t need it anymore.
We can all live in freedom and abundance, as it was meant to be.
We are earth creatures, hence we are also creators of abundance, just like the earth.
When we, the people, start giving more, we will reconnect with our true nature.
We will start manifesting abundance again.
It is time to overcome our fear of shortage.
Abundance means abundance for everyone.
The earth doesn’t only grow food, flowers and trees in one particular country
or for one particular group or person.
She doesn’t exclude anyone.
She gives freely, to everyone and everything.
The sun gives life and energy to everyone and everything as well.
Every plant, animal, insect and human can enjoy its radiance
and is nourished by its light and warmth.
The sun and the earth are both abundant.
They ask nothing in return, and so can we be.
It’s our natural state.

Start giving more, because by giving it multiplies.
Give your love and it will multiply.
Give your attention, your wisdom, your playfulness, your joy, your truth and also your money freely.
Dare yourself.
Discover that everything you give, will multiply and come back to you tenfold.
Give, and you will remember that you are actually walking on a planet of abundance.
You will remember that shortage is unnatural.
Shortage is not part of the original blueprint of this reality.
Abundance is.
Real abundance is sharing.

Start giving without reservation and see the miracle of abundance unfold before your eyes.

Sanne Burger


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