Heal yourself with water

Sanne Burger

21 April 2022

Dehydration can happen over time without you really noticing it.
If you drink a glass of beer, you pee out two.
If you drink a cup of coffee, you pee out two too
(that’s why in some restaurants you always get a glass of water with your coffee).
If you only eat cooked food, you lose a lot of the water that was in it.
If you never eat fresh fruits and raw veggies, you miss out on the water that is in them.
If you live or work inside a heated house or office, you will dehydrate quicker.
If you live or work in a space with air-conditioning, you will dehydrate quicker.
If you live in a hot country or when it’s summer, you will dehydrate quicker (of course).
If you eat a lot of salt (most processed food contains a lot of salt) you will dehydrate quicker.
If you live a busy life, you can easily forget to drink enough water – and get dehydrated.

Your body is your garden
Compare your body to a garden.
If it doesn’t rain and you don’t water your garden regularly, everything that grows in it will suffer.
The trees, the plants and the flowers represent your organs.
If they don’t get enough water, they will not thrive.
They will have difficulty growing and slowly start to wither.
Eventually, even the soil will dry up.
Cracks will disappear and life will vanish.
The soil is your connective tissue.

What is my water level?
About 60-70 % of our body consists of water.
That is, if you are sufficiently hydrated.
We need water as much as we need air.
The longer the body lacks proper hydration, the more difficult it will become for it to absorb water.
It’s like when you water your garden after a long period of drought: the soil will not be able to absorb the water anymore.
You will then have to work the soil and be patient.
The same counts for your body.

Symptoms of dehydration
Chronic dehydration is the cause of a lot of discomfort, distress and disease.
Literally every body-function suffers from it.
Your blood gets thicker, which can cause heart problems.
With women, it can lead to all kinds of menstrual problems.
PMS, cramps and even fertility problems can simply be healed by restoring the hydration level of the body.
Digestive problems like constipation, but in fact every disease of the digestive system, can be healed the same way.
The same goes for being overweight or underweight.
Anxiety and emotional distress is often caused by the fact that the kidneys have become too dry and therefore have hardened.
Sometimes emotional problems are not caused by trauma or conflict, but simply by dehydration.
Skin problems are often the result of a lack of hydration as well.
Fatigue, burnout and a lack of energy can often be traced back to dehydration.
When dehydrated, the body has difficulty expelling toxins, which can lead to all kinds of illnesses.
And also, the more dehydrated you are, the quicker you age.

Cleanse my soul
Water is not only essential for the physical body, it is essential for the soul as well.
Water is the carrier of consciousness.
Water is the purifier of emotions.
Water has calming, soothing and harmonizing properties.
Not only does it cleanse your organs and tissues, it also cleanses your soul.
It washes out stuck emotions and hardened thoughts.
It brings new energy and life.
Water is life.
When you are dehydrated, the life is literally sucked out of you.

The closest truth
This is such a simple truth that it can be hard to grasp.
Sometimes that which is the most obvious, is the easiest overlooked.
Most people are chronically dehydrated – some just a little, others extremely.
Water is a powerful tool to improve both your health and your emotional well-being.
To get hydrated again, it’s not enough to just start drinking gallons of water.
As I stated above, if your organs and tissues have suffered drought for a long time, they will have become hard and dry and they will have difficulty absorbing the water.
It will just run right through you.

Return to Eden
If you want to return to a well hydrated body, you will have to go easy.
Take your time.
Start taking care of your body the same way as you would take care of a dried out garden.
As I said, you will have to work the soil, the tissue, by stretching it and moving it.
Qigong, Tai Chi, yoga, massage and dancing are ideal to work your body and gently open up the tissue again.
They are the equivalent of hoeing the garden.
It is a good idea to limit drinks and foods that are dehydrating – mainly coffee, alcohol and salted foods.
Also limit the amount of fat you eat, as fat can inhibit the absorbing capacity of your organs too, especially the liver.
Besides that, you obviously have to start drinking more water, preferably clean spring water from a natural source, or filtered water.
Vitalise the water by adding a bit of lemon or orange juice – or both – or, if you like the taste of it, a pinch of sea salt.
Never drink water cold from the tap; it needs to be lukewarm.

A quick way to restore the absorbing capacity of your organs and tissue and hydrate your body is by following the above guidelines and start the day by drinking a liter of the recipe below, on an empty stomach.

Hydration drink

Ingredients: Water, lemon, orange, ginger and honey

– Take a 1 liter glass bottle
– Fill the bottle with ½ liter water
– Boil another ½ liter of water
– Add the juice of ½ lemon and 1 orange to the bottle, preferably organic
– Grate a chunk of fresh ginger, preferably organic, about the size of half your thumb
– Poor a cup of boiled hot water and add the grated ginger to it
– Add 1 teaspoon of honey
– Let the cup with ginger and honey steep for a few minutes and then sieve it and add the ginger/honey tea in the bottle
– Fill up the bottle with the hot water that is left

Drink the whole bottle.
This might take a few minutes up to half an hour, doesn’t matter.
After finishing the bottle, wait about half an hour before you eat or drink anything else.
You can repeat this procedure once or twice throughout the day, if you like.

Other things you can do to return your body to sustainable hydration:

  • Eat lots of (preferably organic) fresh fruit and raw veggies every day.
    For example, make a smoothie or fruit salad for breakfast and a big salad for lunch and/or dinner.
    Take a bag of fruit to work and try to eat as much of it as you can.
    Make sure you always have a filled fruit bowl at home with your favorite fruits.
    Make sure your fridge is filled with fresh veggies.
  • Move your body daily.
    Dance, go for a walk, get a massage, do yoga, Qigong or Tai Chi or move in a different way.
  • Avoid foods and drinks that are dehydrating (see above).
  • Drink at least 2, but preferably 3 liters of lukewarm water during the day, always with a few drops or more lemon and/or orange juice in it, on top of all the other liquids (like tea and juice) you drink (or drink 2 or 3 liters of the recipe above).

Depending on how chronically hydrated you are, it will take from a few days up to a few weeks before you start to feel the difference.

How do I feel my body is getting hydrated again?

  • You will start to feel calmer
  • Your sleep will improve
  • Your bowel movement will improve
  • Women: your menstrual cycle will improve
  • Your skin will become as soft as a peach
  • You will get more energy
  • You will have sudden jolts of happiness
  • If you suffer of any of the above mentioned diseases or ailments, you will notice they start to become less and sometimes completely disappear – some quick, some slow
  • Your appetite will change
    Your cravings for fat, salt, coffee and alcohol will effortlessly diminish
  • You will enjoy fresh fruits and raw veggies more and more
  • If you are always hungry, you will notice you will become less hungry
    This is because your body is finally getting the nutrition and hydration it is craving
  • If you have a lack of appetite, you will notice your appetite comes back

A funny phenomenon is that in the first few days or even weeks you can get MORE thirsty, even though you drink more water than you have done in years.
This is because chronic dehydration leads to the body shutting down and blocking the thirst signal.
It has given up trying to warn you, because you didn’t listen.
The thirst is a good sign!
It means your body starts communicating again.
It is thanking you for hydrating and says: I want more!

As I said, sometimes it takes weeks for the body to become properly hydrated again.
First the tissue has to recover, and with it its absorbent quality.
Also, there are different layers of hydration.
Some tissues absorb the water more easily than others.
Especially the deeper layers of tissue can be bone dry and hardly function.
When those layers are finally reached, you can suddenly feel as if you have been walking in the desert for months.
No worries, you are now recovering from chronic dehydration.

So, before you go to the doctor or a therapist, before you take any pills or injections, before you get your organs cut out, try this for a few weeks.
I promise, it’s magical.
And the best thing is, you will completely piss off the pharmaceutical industry, because WATER IS FREE!

Of course it is important to drink clean, pure, living water.
There is a lot of information out there about high quality water.
In short: use a filter, buy bottled water (preferably in glass bottles) or find a source in nature where you can fill up as many bottles as you like.
However, if all this is not possible, then just drink tap water.
It’s better to drink tap water than to drink no water at all.
Your body is the best water filter system in the world, anyway.
It knows what to do.

Sanne Burger


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