Get off your high horse

Sanne Burger

29 April 2020

Dear people in fear
Dear people in denial
I understand

Dear people, believing what you’re being told by the government
Dear people, believing what you see on the news
Dear people, attacking, judging, condemning, demonizing those who do critical research
Those who ask the hard questions
Please stop for a moment

Don’t jump to conclusions, but ask yourself:
Could reality be different from what you think?
Could it be that you are being lied to?
Could it be that there is corruption in this world, without you having a clue?
Could it be?

Give yourself and others the benefit of the doubt
Observe yourself
Observe your reactions
For example, when you attack someone who says something that is not your opinion
When you call him or her pathetic, dangerous, stupid or ignorant
Without really thinking about it
Without really knowing much about the topic
But just as an automatic response
Then maybe you should question your reaction

You want the world and other people to be reasonable, no?
So, when you observe a lack of reason in yourself
Stop for a moment and think
Why are you reacting this way?

We all want safety
We all want comfort
We all have an instinctive resistance towards change
In that which is settled, known and solid, we find security and safety
We find security and safety in belonging
We care for each other
We want ourselves to be safe, and we want our family, our loved ones and our fellow men to be safe
That’s normal
It’s human nature
The most exquisite thing there is

Maybe you could ask yourself why those people out there are doing all this research
Sharing their weird theories
Why, you think?
Maybe it’s because they have a very strong suspicion that lies are being told
And they know for a fact that lies do not serve security, nor comfort or happiness
Maybe they feel something is very wrong

Consider the option that those people asking questions
Those people saying things that go against the mainstream narrative
Those people questioning whether staying home will save the old and the weak
Whether the tests that are being used on Covid-19 work or not
Whether Bill Gates is trying to depopulate the planet with his vaccines or not
Have good reason do to so

When you come across posts by Janet Ossebaard, David Icke, Brian Rose, Rashid Buttar, Jon Rappoport, John Corbett, Bernhard Guenther, Vandana Shiva, Del Bigtree, Zach or Dana Ashlie, to name just a few
Or when you see posts from your own friends, questioning the narrative
Realize that they are out on a limb, trying to inform you
Why would they do that?
Why would they take the risk?

Maybe there are people out there who know more than you do
So, get off your high horse
Try to be realistic
It’s not so far fetched to assume that you don’t know it all
Most of us don’t

Try to have a beginner’s mind
A curious mind
Try to be open for a different narrative, a different story, a different truth than your own
Because that might actually become your rescue

Maybe those rebels, those crazy people, those conspiracy theorists
Care about you
More than you can imagine

Sanne Burger


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