The Downward Path – How low can you go?

Sanne Burger

21 November 2017

What if we got it all wrong?
What if the spiritual path is not upward, but downward?
What if the ultimate goal is not to finally open Sahasrara, but to finally open Muladhara, once you’ve mastered the 6 stages before?
What if the first stage of our spiritual development is not Muladhara, but Sahasrara?
Maybe we have to work through our upper chakras first in order to be able to open the lower chakras after.
Maybe a person eventually manages to reach the bottom and THEN reaches enlightenment.
Maybe that which we often call raw and primitive, the energy of Muladhara, is in reality our ultimate goal.
Realizing Muladhara might be the final stage, the lowest we can go.
This is how the spiritual journey looks like according to the Downward Path:

1. Sahasrara, Crown Chakra

Oneness – Looking through the illusion of separation
sahaswaraThe first step towards enlightenment is to realize you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Birth can sometimes make people forget this. By opening Sahasrara you re-establish your connection with the Divine, so throughout life you will never forget who you are and where you came from. Like this you will not be fooled by hallucinations of death and separation, which are quite normal in this realm. You know all that is an illusion, which gives you a good fundament for your spiritual journey in life.

2. Ajna Chakra, Third Eye

Awareness – Looking through the illusion of limitation
Being born in a physical body can be quite traumatic for the soul and temporarily limit the capacities of your consciousness. In this stage you start to fully remember your psychic abilities and clairvoyance. You step out of the temporary haze of confusion and forgetfulness. The brain fog will eventually clear fully from your mind and you will return to your natural state of seeing reality with a crystal clear eye, not missing anything that’s going on around you. You will master being fully present in this realm without getting confused by its overwhelming appearance. You will remember your past lives again as well as your life’s mission, so you won’t lose focus in this life.

3. Vishuddha, Throat Chakra

Honesty – Looking through the illusion of concepts
Vishuddha2When you haven’t really mastered the first two steps of your spiritual development you will find yourself giving into useless mental activity such as trying to organize reality through concepts, listing and analyzing. As this will majorly increase your confusion and cost a lot of energy it will not be supportive of your path at all. Opening up Vishuddha will help you to always stay true to yourself, your origins and the truth of your being, while also being able to clearly communicate this with other people in a calm, clear way. You will be able to resist replacing the truth with theories and words. You will not be confused by worldly affairs.

4. Anahata, Heart Chakra

Love – Looking through the illusion of attachment
Anahata2Once you’re firmly established in not forgetting your divinity and always remembering and speaking your truth, you are now finally strong enough to enter the human realm. These virtues will help you open up your 4th chakra, which gives you the possibility to experience love in an earthly, human way. This means you will get to taste personal love, love for people, animals, nature, beauty – in fact everything that is part of this earthly creation. At first this will blow you away completely, as this will be totally new for you. In this stage of your spiritual development it’s easy to forget there is no separation. Getting lost in love on the one hand, or losing the ones you love on the other hand, puts you in danger of forgetting your origin. That’s why it’s so important to be firmly established in Sahasrara, Ajna and Vishuda, otherwise earthly love could easily close them again. Anahata is about mastering love and not let attachment weaken you.

5. Manipura Chakra, Solar Plexus

True power – Looking through the illusion of false power
ManipuraFrom an understanding of personal love you now move on to finally learn how to enjoy this realm. You get a sense of how to play the game. You start to understand and appreciate the rules on this planet and slowly slowly you develop personal power: the capacity to make a difference in this world. It’s very important to have the first 4 chakras open and integrated, otherwise you might find yourself acting from a place of greed and selfishness, getting lost in the game, forgetting your origin, truth and love. With an open Solar Plexus you will become a person of power and authority, respected and appreciated by many, respecting and appreciating them back in a playful, sensible way.

6. Svadisthana Chakra, Hara

Passion – Becoming a master
SvadisthanaOnly a few people reach this stage. It’s the stage where you easily master the rules on this planet and become more and more creative in making things, manifesting things. You develop a new sense of appreciation for earthly beauty. For the first time in your spiritual development you truly connect to your physical body. You enjoy and eventually relish in the pure pleasure of having one. Only by having integrated the 5 former stages: oneness, awareness, clarity, honesty, integrity and a deep understanding of true love you will be able to enter the magic realm of Svadisthana: the realm of passion and sensuality. This energy is even more powerful than love. You need to be very advanced to be able to master it without confusion and pain. Passion can eat you alive. Only those who have mastered the first 5 stages have a chance of riding it with grace.

7. Muladhara, Root Chakra

Meeting the Mother – Becoming a servant
MuladharaThis is the ultimate stage you can reach as an earthly soul. In this stage you master that which is almost unattainable on this planet: you become a fully incarnated being while being fully conscious of who you are, where you came from, what you are here for and how you can manifest it. You are finally ready to meet Mother Earth. She will teach you. You will be allowed to have a garden. You will learn how to grow your own food and share in the miracle of creation. The wonders of nature will open up for you and you will be in a constant state of awe, admiration and ecstasy. Now that you have shown your trustworthiness to her she will initiate you into the greatest mystery of all: the wonder of procreation. She only grants this gift to those who have successfully mastered the first 6 stages, as she knows only the strongest of hearts, those who know themselves, are worthy of receiving it. She will give you the key to how to sustain life on this planet. Once you’ve received it you will become and Earth Keeper, a Lightworker, bringing oneness, wisdom, truth, love, joy and creativity to this planet.
And Mother Earth will say: ‘Welcome to this beautiful home, sons and daughters from the stars. You have made it! You have finally arrived.’
I guess both the Upward Path and the Downward Path are valid. The Upward Path is masculine, the Downward Path is feminine. As we are connecting with the feminine in our culture more and more these days, maybe the Downward Path will be recogized as a genuine path towards reaching our ultimate goal as human beings as well. However, they both meet in the middle, at the Heart. It’s all about love.


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