If you regret

Sanne Burger

26 June 2021

What is happening right now is that some people get sick after the injection
And regret having taken it
They want to get rid of whatever is injected into their body
They want to heal from the symptoms
They seek help and advice

So far, it’s not certain how bad the effects will be
Short term, it doesn’t look good
Long term, we don’t know
At this point, nothing is guaranteed
Except that your frequency is key
Don’t give in to despair, fear or worry
Not as a partner, friend or family either

And yes, of course you can do something:

– Drink tea from pine needles; use pine fresh, dried or as an essential oil. Put it in your bath. Eucalyptus is good too.
– Eat seaweed. Daily.
– Take chlorella or spirulina.
– Find an awake professional who works with bio resonance (frequency therapy) and is willing to work with you. (Know that you can be a risk for people who have not been injected.)
– Drink a lot of water, preferably source water or purified water. 2 liters a day or more.
– Eat blueberries, preferably organic. A lot.
– Eat curcuma and ginger, fresh or in powder.
– Eat buckets of fresh, organic fruits and vegs. Smoothie smoothie smoothie! This will flood the body with cleansing and nourishing goodness.
– Eat and bathe in Himalayan salt or other pure salts, rich in minerals. No kitchen salt!
– Listen to 432Hz music. All day.
– Move, as much as you can. Walk, do yoga, Qigong or Tai Chi, dance, whatever
– Sweat!
– Take a sauna. Often. (But not with people who didn’t get injected.)
– This is obvious, but: do NOT take another jab!
– Pray. Seriously, pray. Not religiously, but truthfully. Talk to your spirit guides and ask for help and mercy. Open your mind.
– Do emotional release work. Emotional distress weakens the healing capacity of the body.

– Most important: from now on, only make choices that align with your soul. No more compromises. You need to commit to your soul again. Get your priorities right. This is more important than drinking pine tea.
– Also, keep your distance from people who did not get injected, for at least one month. No sex, no exchange of body fluids. Preferably no hugs and kisses either. Not for your sake, but to protect the other person, until its more clear to which degree shedding is real and dangerous.

Am I certain this will help?
Am I certain this is necessary, or otherwise you will die a horrible death?
Not at all.
But every single thing mentioned above, except the last one, boosts your health and well being
And you are gonna need that
Of that I am certain

Sanne Burger


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