Ancient Thai Massage Instruction video

Ancient Thai Massage Instruction video


This complete and detailed instruction video shows every step of the 2 hour full body Ancient Thai Massage, also called Nuad Boran or Thai Yoga Massage.

This form is the origin of every type of Thai Massage that is available all over the world right now.

This video can be used for self study. However, if you want to start working professionally with Ancient Thai Massage, you will need to take a live course with a qualified teacher.

Sanne Burger is a qualified teacher and teaches Ancient Thai Massage courses all over the world.

With big thanks to my dear friend Daya and my sweet sister Miriam, and of course my honored teacher Rahul Bharti. Without them this beautiful video would never have manifested!

The price of the video is € 49,-

Thank you so much for supporting our work and for spreading the love.

Students of my Ancient Thai Massage courses will receive the instruction video as part of the course.


Sanne Burger

Masseur: Sanne Burger
Model: Daya Nimai Das
Camera: Miriam Altounji
Location: Nidra Wasi, Pisac, Peru

July 2018, All rights Reserved