A word on Neptune

Sanne Burger

5 October 2014

It is often said that Neptune is the planet of illusion. That in itself is an illusion. Neptune is not the planet of illusion, Neptune is the planet of truth! As being the ruler of Pisces and the 12th house, it is the only planet in the zodiac that goes beyond identification. Neptune helps you to see beyond your beliefs and expectations. Neptune shows you what you are NOT. She reveals to you who you are when you have let go of all your identifications, which all are illusions in the first place.

Aries, ruled by Mars, thinks: ‘ I am seen, therefore I am.’
Taurus, ruled by Venus, thinks: ‘I possess, therefore I am.’
Gemini, ruled by Mercury, thinks: ‘I think, therefore I am.’
Cancer, ruled by the Moon, thinks: ‘I love, therefore I am.’
Leo, ruled by the Sun, thinks: ‘I am important, therefore I am.’
Virgo, ruled by Mercury as well, thinks: ‘I structure, therefore I am.’
Libra, ruled by Venus as well, thinks: ‘I negotiate, therefore I am.’
Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, thinks: ‘I investigate, therefore I am.’
Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, thinks: ‘I grow, therefore I am.’
Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, thinks: ‘I control, therefore I am.’
Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, thinks: ‘I change, therefore I am.’

These are all illusions. When you have a strong Neptune in your chart: when you have many personal planets in Pisces or the 12th house and/or when you have a prominent Neptune in your chart (meaning: many aspects to other planets, the Ascendant or the MC), you know that all these are identifications, distractions. You know that the secret to the truth lies in not thinking and letting go of all these identities. What is left when all that is gone is the truth of who you really are.
Pisces, ruled by Neptune, knows that not thinking is the key to look through illusion. Neptune as being the ruler, the teacher, the mentor of Pisces, Pisces is not preoccupied with establishing or strengthening all these identities. It’s just not important enough. On the contrary: Pisces is looking for the magic, the wonder of living according to who you really are: the living wonder, ever changing, ever moving, intangible miracle of body, soul and spirit.


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