My name is Sanne Burger. I am originally from the Netherlands, 53 years old and a writer, massage therapist, Qigong teacher, Taotraining instructor, mother, traveler, dreamer and warrior for truth.

Ancient Thai Massage, Qigong and more
Rahul Bharti in Kathmandu initiated me into the ancient healing art of Ancient Thai Massage. Li Jun Feng taught me the basics of Qigong. Jacques Balavoine, a Frenchman living in Norway, taught me the basics of meditation, massage and therapeutic work. Barry Long and Osho were important teachers for me, who helped me to gain insight into sexuality and its relationship to health, happiness and spiritual growth.

In the past 20 years I have intensively studied the Taoist system of healing and the transformation of sexual energy, also called Healing Tao or Taotraining, with Reinoud Eleveld.

All this, combined with life experience and extensive traveling, forms the foundation of my work as a healer, coach and teacher.

Besides giving individual Ancient Thai Massage sessions and courses in Ancient Thai Massage, Taotraining and Qigong, writing is an important tool for me to share my qualities as well. This website is an expression of that.

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Sanne Burger @ sanneburger.com