The illusion of choice

Sanne Burger

29 May 2021

Psychological warfare
Here’s another trick in the book:
Pretend people have a choice
Give them several options
Make them feel as if their choice makes a difference
Like with the elections
Give people a few candidates
Make them vote
So they feel as if their choice matters
Like with the vaccines
Give them a few shots
So they think they have free choice

I hear people say:
Yeah, I got vaccinated
But luckily I got Astrazeneca
Which doesn’t contain nano technology
So it’s not so bad
Even though I had to cancel my flight to Ibiza
As airlines no longer accept people vaccinated with Astrazeneca
Due to heightened risk of blood clots at high altitude
But hey ho
At least I won’t turn into a cyborg

I hear other people say:
Yeah, I got vaccinated
But luckily I got Pfizer
Which has the latest nano technology
So it can’t be too bad
Even though people turn into walking magnets
And many suffer neurological damage
But hey ho
At least I won’t get any blood clots

I hear people say:
I am going to get the Chinese vaccine
Because I like Taoism
And I have read Lao Tzu
So this vaccine must the best
With other vaccines people become infertile
But not with this one

This is the illusion of choice
They give you an illusory choice
Luring you into taking a vaccine
Which you would not have taken
If you did not have a choice

The truth is: there is no difference
It is all poison
The side effects are horrid
The prognosis are even worse
All vaccines are part of the same medical experiment
While the producers have no liability

Astrazeneca, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Convidecia, Sinovac, Moderna
These companies are making billions
And they are all crap
Peer reviewed research show they do not work
They do not prevent anything
Zero protection or prevention
They only cause damage

Do you trust science?
Do you love life?
Then do NOT take the vaccine
That is the only wise choice you can make

Sanne Burger


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