23 Replies to “I can’t stay”

  1. This is so spot on. I totally relate with the words and the emotions behind them. So deep, so rich and so free. Thank you for sharing this, Sanne.
    ~ Shweta

  2. I am old and proud of my scars and this is the most beautiful and truthful piece I have ever read

  3. I’m a recovering lady, who was taken to the lowest depths and I am now resurfacing, beautifully. I needed every single event in my life to arrive where I am today. Thank you for these amazing words of wisdom. I’m indeed a new follower.

  4. What a beautiful truth. Thank you so much. I have shared this…I hope you don’t mind x

    • Not at all. But I appreciate when you do add the title, my name and a link to my website. Thank you!

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