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  1. Wow, dank je wel Sanne voor dit betoog. Het is voor mij echt een eyeopener en daardoor ook confronterend. Fijn dat je ervoor hebt gekozen weer impact te willen hebben. Is bij mij goed gelukt ;-).

  2. Thank you for watering the seeds that are in my heart and mind around this very topic. I feel this comes from raw honesty and truth. Its a good reminder to still not fall into the trap of this agenda. Of course media has its own plans.. I will bring these constructive and critical thoughts in my future talks around this hype.. And empower people, by reminding them to keep taking action in their lives towards something that does make a change, and that would be the opposite of feeding into media, because again, actually the rulers of information are the very ones guilty of the irresponsible actions towards the global impact on this planet.
    Im on board with you Sanne. Lets share real information and be messengers of truth 😀

  3. Very interesting perspective
    ! I had not thought about it in that way. I just discovered your page and am enjoying it immensely!

  4. I’m so happy to see someone on a similar path! We need to inspire people to change by setting an example and raising awareness!! 10 years is right and it may be mission impossible but at the very least we can wake up many more souls to shine brighter. You’ve solved the puzzle, and now you see the whole picture. Keep writing please!

  5. Thank you for being so calm and thoughtful about this topic. I also believe it is always good to be critical and ask questions. It makes me so sad to see the young especially made so hopeless and sad by the media. Always question, it will make you stronger.

  6. I follow the news. I also have 30 years of experience in sustainable development. Not sure if you have picked up the same messages that I have about or from Greta Thunberg.
    She doesn’t present herself the way you describe her. Not at all ‘sweet and innocent’. She is refreshingly direct. She kicks butt in her focused, autistic way. She’s a catalyst for exactly what you say you would like to see more of, to look at your own actions, to do your own research. And even though she’s only 16, she knows her stuff.
    You are good with words. I suggest you use them wisely. Describing Thunberg and Trump as two poles of some bigger conspiracy is silly.

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