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Augustus 11th, 2021

New podcast with Floris Beukers from Waku Wake Up: ‘The next revolution comes from within (and we will win this one)’ About Broodje Corona, parenthood, meaning, sex, relationships, consciousness, Buddhism, Taoism and much more.

Juni 2021

Podcast with Ruud Krakers & Co van Zieldingen: ‘Corona sandwich’. A wonderful conversation about the necessity of awakening and the usefulness of emotions.

May 2021

A conversation between Rianne Roes from Alles is Liefde about sexuality, love and consciousness, from the perspective of traditional Taoism (in two parts):

PART 1: Rianne Roes from ‘Everything is Love’ in conversation with Sanne Burger – Part 1

PART 2: Rianne Roes from ‘Everything is Love’ in conversation with Sanne Burger – Part 2

April 2021

A conversation between Patricia Walstijn of Alwareness TV (Salto) about Sanne’s new book (March 2021) The Corona Games

Patricia Walstijn of ‘Alwareness TV’ in conversation with Sanne Burger, author of The Corona Games


May 2020

A fascinating conversation between Sanne Burger and Marcel Lahaije from ‘Unleash the hero within’, about what may be happening behind the scenes in relation to Corona.

October 2020

A follow-up interview by Sanne Burger and Marcel Lahaije. Progressive insight and tips for how to deal with the current global crisis.

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